September 20, 2023

Penn State Athletics  Elevates Department’s Operations with Teamworks Elite Partnership

Penn State, a leader in collegiate athletics, has taken its commitment to excellence to the next level by becoming a Teamworks Elite partner. This elevated partnership embodies the Nittany Lions' commitment to innovation and reinforces its dedication to providing student-athletes with the best possible resources for success.  

“Penn State’s partnership with Teamworks is truly revolutionary and will provide a great benefit to our student-athletes, coaches, and staff,” said Deputy Athletics Director Dr. Lauren Rhodes. “As a Teamworks Elite partner, you not only have access to each arm of the organization (e.g., ARMS, Notemeal, Retain, etc.), but each arm can also interact with the others (e.g., Notemeal and Smartabase). This high level of interaction allows for organizations of our size and caliber to operate at an elite level. I look forward to the continued evolution of the platform as it continues to elevate what we are able to do in athletics.”

The cornerstone of this partnership is Teamworks' flagship product, Teamworks Hub. This centralized operating platform empowers athletic administrators to efficiently manage communication, schedules, and logistics, silencing the noise for student-athletes so they can focus on what they do best: competing at the highest level. This core product creates a culture of transparency and accountability while serving as the connection point with all the other product integrations within Teamworks' Operating System for Sports™.

For Penn State, the other areas of focus within this Teamworks Elite partnership include technology in the following category solutions:

NIL Management:

INFLCR: Earlier this year, Penn State launched the Nittany Lion Exchange with INFLCR, which will allow student-athletes to pursue NIL business opportunities by fostering a connection with fans and supporters while amplifying its athletes' personal brands and social media presence, 

Compliance Management:

ARMS: A robust platform that helps manage recruiting, compliance, and workflow tasks. This industry-leading tool supports the Penn State athletics department's overall administration while improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Sports Performance:

Notemeal: This nutrition management platform empowers Penn State's dietitians to deliver student-athletes customized meal plans at scale for optimal performance.

Smartabase: Penn State's performance department utilizes this robust student-athlete data management system to gain valuable insights into the health and wellness of their student-athletes, helping to prevent injuries and optimize training.

Student-Athlete Development:

Retain: This platform will support Penn State's ability to support their student-athletes in their academic pursuits, aligning with their goal to ensure student-athlete success both on and off the field.

Pulse: Leveraging this comprehensive survey and feedback tool, key admins within the athletics department can stay connected with the student-athletes, assessing their well-being while promoting their physical and mental health.

"We are thrilled to see Penn State take this forward-thinking step towards enhancing student-athlete support services,” said Teamworks founder and CEO Zach Maurides. "This partnership showcases the University's commitment to remaining at the forefront of collegiate athletics by harnessing technology for the benefit of both student-athletes and administrators."

Penn State's decision to become a Teamworks Elite Partner reflects its understanding of the importance of equipping its athletes with the tools and support they need to excel academically and athletically. To learn more about becoming a Teamworks Elite partner, click here.

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