The Operating System for SportsTM

Powerful solutions for the everyday challenges of athletes and administrators.

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Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Imagine a world where ONE technology platform helps you…

Connect Your Team

to the right people, places, and information from anywhere

Focus on What Matters

to maximize your impact every day, week, and season

Empower Athletes & Staff

to make informed decisions that drive individual and team performance

Unify Your Technology

The Operating System for Sports™ is inspired and guided by our commitment to the athlete and the network of people who support them.

Our goal is to provide ONE app for athletes to manage their responsibilities on and off the field, and ONE platform for staff to access purpose-built tools.

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“What excites me most about the potential of integration is driving  alignment and efficiency in our workflows, having a single app for player communication, and removing the need to double enter administrative information.”

Shaun Owen
Sports Scientist, Boston Red Sox

"Certainly whenever you can focus in on one application, one platform, really remind student-athletes to just think about Teamworks and go to Teamworks. You’re going to be more effective that way. Your tool has been a lifesaver for a lot of our teams. Not only having consistency throughout our teams but also redirecting their focus to one solution."

Todd Patulski
Senior Associate Athletic Director & CFO, Liberty University

"What sets Teamworks apart is the quality and scale of its products. There are so many software options out there – we need a sourcing solution that makes it really easy for our staff to operate in this environment and Teamworks provides that one solution."

Marcus Wagner
General Manager Football Operations & AFLW, Melbourne F.C.


Organize your team and staff with one source of truth for data and communications


Build relationships with the next generation of talent


Optimize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury


Help your organization and athletes stay compliant and eligible

Athlete Development

Orchestrate athlete success off the field

Branding & NIL

Build and grow athletes’ brands and engage fans

Alumni Engagement

Foster a connected and supportive community

Roadmap for Integration

To provide athletes, coaches, and administrators with a seamless experience, we are quickly integrating the best-in-class products available on The Operating System for Sports™. Here’s where we’re focused.

Sign-On with Teamworks

With Single Sign-On (SSO), your staff and athletes only need to remember their ONE Teamworks ID to access any of the purpose-built tools on The Operating System for Sports™.

Mobile Front Door

The Teamworks Mobile App is the ONE place your staff and athletes need to go to view their dashboards, manage their tasks and calendars, and more.

Teamworks Navigation

Whichever Teamworks’ products your organization uses, the new Teamworks Navigation allows users to easily access and switch between them.

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Teamworks Navigation Highlights

The Teamworks Navigation introduces a visually consistent and adaptive menu bar across all dashboards and a universal App Switcher, allowing administrators to seamlessly toggle between their purpose-built products within the Teamworks operating system. Now, you can efficiently manage all of your department’s needs with one login on one platform.

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Retain + Hub Integration Highlights

Customers who use both Teamworks Hub and Retain can look forward to the following improvements:

  • Single Sign-On & App Experience
  • Integrated Calendar and Tasks
  • Check-ins
  • Roster Sync
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Learn How the Operating System for Sports Can Work for You

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