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Smartabase helps data-driven sports and tactical organizations optimize human performance and reduce injury by enabling better decision-making.

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“We derive tremendous value from having all student-athlete performance and health information in one place. This helps all the practitioners stay on the same page and ultimately benefits our student-athletes and how we provide care to them.”

Travis Vlantes
Director of Applied Sports Science

"Smartabase allows us to bring our technology together in sports science and performance to be viewed and interpreted. Having a single platform enables us to make quicker, more data-informed decisions to improve player performance, availability, and health."

Simon Rice
Vice President of Athlete Care

"We can focus on the analysis side of the job and really think about what the data means and how we can move forward from that point. Having data in this type of system helps to reduce errors, helps us make objective decisions or confirm something that is subjective. This is where Smartabase is really good."

Dr. Cedric Leduc
1st Team Sport Scientist

Configure To Meet Your Needs

Smartabase is the most flexible human performance platform on the market. Built on an infinitely configurable framework, you can create an adaptable solution to meet your unique needs and continuously leverage the latest science and technology to improve athlete performance and service member combat readiness.

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Centralize Your Data

Smartabase provides the easiest way to aggregate your performance, health, and medical data from any source so you can spend more time analyzing your data in real-time, not working to get it into one place.

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Visualize Your Metrics

The Smartabase Dashboard Builder empowers you to leverage the full scope of your aggregated data, explore relationships between data sets, and ultimately make better decisions to optimize performance and reduce injury.

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Military-Grade Security

We’re proud to be ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, SOC Type 1 and Type 2 certified. These independent certifications mean you can trust us to take security and data privacy very seriously and to continuously improve our controls against security threats.  

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Combine Nutrition & Performance Data

Make better decisions about an athlete’s training and nutrition plans with a holistic view of the athlete. Smartabase automatically pulls in robust meal-events data collected in Notemeal and combines it with performance and workload data to help performance practitioners provide more personalized care to athletes. 

Customer Stories

University of Oregon

Learn how the University of Oregon uses Smartabase to provide individualized training and care to student-athletes at scale.

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US Soccer

U.S. Soccer has adopted Smartabase to proactively monitor player workload, health, and wellness, and improve decision-making.

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See how ALBA BERLIN relies on Smartabase to support scouting, player development, load management, practice planning, scheduling, and more.

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Queensland Rugby

In addition to optimizing athlete performance, Queensland Rugby League uses Smartabase to build fiscal responsibility and manage concussions.

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DEVCOM Soldier Center & MRDC

DEVCOM Solider Center & MRDC are optimizing the human weapon system, using Smartabase for illness monitoring and mitigation among soldiers.

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UFC Performance Institute

Smartabase orchestrates interdisciplinary optimization at the UFC Performance Institute to increase the probability of a fighter’s success.

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