Anonymous forms and surveys to drive proactive solutions

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Anonymous Reporting

Pulse offers functionality empowering athletes to confidentially report concerns, red flags, and potential violations anonymously. Within Pulse, easily escalate concerns directly to designated recipients, such as the sport administrator or another leadership team member.

Case Management

Pulse is the perfect solution for centralizing your athletes feedback, concerns, and complaints. Athletes can easily report concerns and athletic department leadership has a reliable way of hearing and address concerns with tracking and assignment capabilities.

Mobile Surveys

Increase engagement and allow for your department to be in-sync with athletes. Create and distribute custom mobile-ready campaigns for anything from end-of-season surveys to senior exit interviews.


Provide your senior leaders and coaching staffs with data and reporting metrics to analyze trends in athlete experience and program usage.

Streamline your athlete experience with Pulse

Android, iOS and web apps

Simple to implement

Start building more trust and engagement with athletes today

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