The Comprehensive Athlete Development Platform

Drive academic success and support holistic athlete development. Together, Retain and Pathways help staff more effectively and efficiently improve student-athlete outcomes off the field.

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Foster Success Off the Field

Consolidate all academic information, schedules, notes, check-ins, and professor feedback in Retain. Instantly view team and student-athlete availability across class schedules, appointments, and travel. Easily schedule tutoring or advising sessions, track attendance, capture notes, send progress reports, and measure the impact of your efforts.

"Magic Scheduler ensures we can book across teams availability with their athletic and academic responsibilities easily."

Lauren Chapman
Bryant University

Engage Athletes

Streamline your outreach and intervention strategies to make student-athletes feel more connected and engaged. Efficiently create and assign individual or course-based tasks or action plans and send notifications to help student-athletes stay on top of their work. Use mobile-friendly forms and surveys to quickly capture academic information, tutor evaluations, or student-athlete feedback.

"We are now able to streamline our processes with student tutor no-show contracts, academic integrity pledges, and book scholarship contracts."

Eric Zeaman
Florida Atlantic University

Integrations with Teamworks Hub

If you are already a Teamworks Hub customer, the integrations with Retain and Pathways allow your student-athletes to manage their athletic and academic responsibilities through Hub, the one app they already use every day! Notable integrations include:

  • Single Sign-On
  • One App Experience for Student-Athletes
  • Two-Way Integrated Calendar and Tasks
  • Check-ins
  • Roster Sync
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Develop Your Student-Athletes

Efficiently map pathways and track awards and community service hours for your student-athletes. 

Development Blueprint

Create professional and personal growth plans for student-athletes and easily track progress.


Centralize data for student-athletes’ athletic, academic, personal, and professional achievements. 

Awards Database

Easily track all awards received by student-athletes, making it accessible for entire the entire department

Community Service & Events

Plan and manage all department events including community service, career development, and personal advancement.

See Retain and Pathways In Action

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