February 28, 2023

GX Partner Spotlight: WWE Goes Big On Campus

Say goodbye to groanable career workshops and networking events. Student-athletes wanting to build their personal brands and pave the way for their future now have exciting new opportunities to connect with national companies through INFLCR’s Global Exchange Program.  

What could be more exciting than getting coaching on brand building from WWE superstars, and the opportunity to become one yourself? That’s exactly what the WWE’s ‘Next In Line’ NIL program does, and more. 

Through this unique initiative, student-athletes from diverse athletic backgrounds are provided a clear pathway from college athletics to the WWE. All partnerships feature access to the state-of-the-art WWE Performance Center and resources including brand building, media training, communications, live event promotion, creative writing and community relations. Upon completion of the Next in Line program, athletes have the chance to earn an exclusive WWE developmental contract. 

Last fall, the WWE also kicked off the WWE Campus Rush Tour, a multi-campus tour that stopped at seven schools across the country including Clemson, Boise State, Ohio State, and Penn State. Using INFLCR’s Global Exchange, the WWE invited student-athletes to attend these exclusive events aimed at recruiting talent for the Next In Line program. The WWE Campus Rush Tour has started its rounds in 2023 with a visit to Duke, and upcoming visits to Michigan State, the University of Oklahoma, and more.  

Keeping Score: WWE Next In Line

Since its inception in 2021, the WWE NIL program boasts some impressive numbers including 46 total Athletes – 44% of which are female and 52% are diverse. Athletes from thirteen different sports are represented across four men’s and nine women’s sports.

“I would have killed for this kind of an opportunity when I was in school. It’s really cool to see these athletes outside of their sport as humans and what they could bring to the table as a WWE superstar.” 
- Raquel Rodriguez - WWE Superstar
WWE Next In Line - By The Numbers

WWE NIL & Life After College Sports

Beyond education and partnership opportunities, the WWE Next in Line program is helping student-athletes confidently tackle life after college sports. Because that transition can be incredibly challenging, hearing from former athletes with successful careers in something other than pro sports is inspiring. It helps them see a broader range of opportunities to follow their passion for sports and entertainment.

“I have not only succeeded in collegiate sports, but I have succeeded in WWE… I know for me as an athlete, if I'm hearing it from an athlete who's done the same thing, made the sacrifices and then succeeded, I'm more apt to listen to them and to believe in what they're saying.” 
- Baron Corbin, WWE Superstar

Bring WWE Campus Rush to Your School

INFLCR’s Global Exchange is proud to partner with the WWE and bring this unique program to INFLCR schools across the country. 

“What a great opportunity for our student athletes to be able to see this and what a large scale it could be, because it doesn't get much bigger than WWE.” 
- Steve Duzan, Senior Associate A.D. - NIL, Clemson

If you’re interested in having the WWE come to your school, please contact Morgan Frazier at morgan.frazier@wwecorp.com.

Interested in becoming an INFLCR Global Exchange Partner? Contact Us.

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