November 2, 2023

From Training Table to Teamworks: Olivia's Notemeal Journey

In the world of sports nutrition, finding the balance between performance and enjoyment has been a long-standing challenge for both athletes and dietitians. Olivia Goldin, a passionate dietitian with a unique journey, is on a mission to change that narrative.

Olivia's Journey to Becoming a Dietitian

Olivia's story begins with a struggle familiar to many. She battled with her weight from a young age and found herself constantly oscillating between the "on-track and off-track" approach to nutrition. Like countless others, she looked to the media for guidance, using magazines and Pinterest as her primary sources of information. 

Shifting the Perspective

As Olivia's career as a dietitian unfolded, she transformed her approach to food and cooking with a balanced and performance-focused mindset. From interning to working full-time as an Assistant Performance Dietitian at LSU, Olivia was exposed to a new way of thinking about nutrition and body composition. This shift in perspective became her guiding light, and she embarked on a mission to help others find enjoyment while fueling their body with the right foods.

Discovering Notemeal: A Game-Changer for Dietitians

Olivia's journey took an exciting turn when she discovered Notemeal during her time at LSU. She recognized the immense potential of the app as a tool to share realistic meal plans that align with nutritional goals and busy schedules. Notemeal's meal planning software solved a time-consuming workflow for her and became a crucial part of her practice.

As Notemeal quickly became an essential tool in Olivia's work and personal life, she made the plunge to take it to the next level by joining Teamworks as a summer intern and now serves as a Notemeal Product Success Manager. Among other things, Olivia supports the Notemeal team by leveraging her expertise to help build recipes within the app for thousands of athletes to leverage. 

Inspiration to Build and Share Recipes

When Olivia builds a recipe, her intent is for it to fit within a meal balanced in macronutrients with an emphasis on nutrient density. She balances creativity with nutritional considerations, always keeping an eye on nutrient analysis to ensure the meal aligns with her client's goals. Olivia also understands that not every recipe needs to meet every dietary requirement, and she embraces flexibility within the broader context of meal planning.

Growing Her Impact on Social

Olivia's culinary creations found a place on social media (@LifeisGoldin), inspired by the idea that eating healthy should never be boring or tasteless. She aimed to empower others to make positive changes without resorting to restrictive diets, sharing what she wished she had seen years ago.

Olivia Goldin's journey from a personal struggle with nutrition to a thriving career as a dietitian is nothing short of inspiring. Her mission to redefine healthy eating as an enjoyable and sustainable journey has made her a standout in her field. Notemeal has played a significant role in this journey, making her work more efficient and effective. Olivia's story serves as a reminder that nutrition doesn't have to be a source of stress; it can be a tool for empowerment and enjoyment.

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