June 12, 2023

AFL, NRL, and Rugby Union Teams Join Teamworks Elite Roster

Teamworks is excited to announce the addition of New Zealand Rugby, the Melbourne Football Club, and the Brisbane Broncos to the Teamworks Elite roster. These three innovative organisations are the first from the APAC region and join the likes of the Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Pistons, and many other iconic sports brands.

Teamworks Elite, our exclusive benefits program, enables leading sports teams and governing bodies to make a lasting impact on athletes and staff by consolidating best-in-class technology. Through one relationship and one agreement, organisations ensure consistent systems are adopted across all teams and programs including Men’s, Women’s, and Elite Pathways. While Elite has been available in the U.S. for nearly a year, our recent acquisition of Smartabase and INFLCR made it a reality in the APAC market. 

“NZ Rugby, the Melbourne Football Club, and the Brisbane Broncos were early adopters of Teamworks’ purpose-built solutions,” said Simon Moore-Crouch,  General Manager, APAC. “So it was fitting that these leading organisations would be the founding members of Elite in the APAC region. They’ve set the standard for other AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, and other elite sports teams to strive for.”

Melbourne Football Club

The Melbourne Football Club adopted Teamworks because it provided a unified solution for their technology needs, helps them drive innovation, and because Teamworks has deep experience working with AFL teams. 

Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos have successfully used Teamworks products to drive accountability and improve communication across the club. 

“Communication has always been identified as the final frontier for any elite sports team.  This is true for the logistical aspect of a team as it is for the performance analysis aspect.  When we saw that Teamworks acquired tried and true products like Smartabase and we saw how Teamworks Hub worked, it made complete sense.” 
- Matt​ Barradeen, Football Operations Manager, Brisbane Broncos

New Zealand Rugby

New Zealand Rugby is using multiple Teamworks products across their teams including 7s, women’s, and the All Blacks, the most successful international men’s rugby team of all time. 2023 is an important year for International Rugby Union, culminating with the Rugby World Cup in France (September/October). Teamworks Elite will see New Zealand Rugby continue to use best-in-class technology solutions for the World Cup and beyond.  

Is Teamworks Elite Right for You?

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