RecruitSuite FAQ

How does this impact our current 2022/2023 subscription?

Nothing changes. For customers with a contract that extends beyond this season, we will honor the contracted rate. For customers with a contract that will expire at the end of this season, we will reach out soon to discuss renewal options.

What is Teamworks’ recruiting product?

We recently acquired Whistle Recruiting™, a best-in-class solution that, like RecruitSuite, facilitates efficient and effective communication between coaches, recruiting staff and recruits.

Today, Whistle serves over 70 of the top Division I programs in football, basketball, volleyball, cross country and track.

In addition to enabling coaches and recruiting staff to communicate with recruits at scale, Whistle allows them to share personalized media with ease from their preferred texting platform (e.g. iMessage, Twitter, SMS).

Further, Whistle provides access to high school scores and schedules in the app, equipping coaches with information to help them initiate conversations with key recruits.

At what point will I need to transition to Whistle and what will that process look like?

We can begin transitioning you to Whistle at any time. However, we understand it is the busiest time of the year for our football customers, and recognize that for many, transitioning to Whistle after the season ends will be your preferred option.

RecruitSuite will continue to be supported through the end of February 2023.  All RecruitSuite customers will need to transition to Whistle by that time.  

The first step in the transition process is to get on a call with our Manager of Football Partnerships, Sam Curtis (

I’m already a Teamworks customer, will I be offered a special rate?

We place high value in our existing relationships with collegiate athletic departments. As such, existing Teamworks Hub and Teamworks Elite customers will receive preferred pricing when adding Whistle to their existing Teamworks contract.

Who do I contact for support during the remainder of this football season?

For questions related to the RecruitSuite product, your customer service contact will remain the same. Following your transition to Whistle, you’ll be supported by the broader Teamworks Customer Success team, with access to a larger support team that will be available to address your questions in a timely manner, 365 days a year.

Are there technical gaps between the two products?

No. Whistle has all of the features you currently have with RecruitSuite and more, including best-in-class aggregated high school scores and schedules. Teamworks also plans to continue to invest into this space. The future is bright.

I have everything built out already in RecruitSuite. How will my information get from RecruitSuite to Whistle?

Once you have a replacement Whistle contract in place, we will schedule a virtual meeting to kickoff the implementation process. During that meeting, we will walk through the steps necessary to transfer your data to Whistle.

How can I learn more about Whistle?

Reach out to Sam Curtis (, Manager of Football Partnerships, and he will get an introductory call scheduled with you. 

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