Free Trial of Pulse Experience Surveys and Anonymous Reporting

Earlier this year, Teamworks announced a new product offering in our Operating System for Sports: Pulse. This integrated technology offers anonymous reporting to empower athletes to report concerns, red flags, and potential violations anonymously. Additionally, Pulse powers experience surveys that can be created and distributed as mobile-ready campaigns for anything from end-of-season surveys to senior exit interviews.

For a limited time, we are offering a free trial on this new integrated technology to all Elite and department-wide Teamworks Hub collegiate customers. Contact our sales team today to see if you qualify for a free trial of Pulse until July 2024. Qualified customers can defer payments until July 1, 2024.*

*Restrictions apply. Initial free trials are no risk or obligations. Only Elite accounts and department-wide Teamworks Hub collegiate customers are eligible for free trial. Speak to your account rep for more details or reach out using the form below to request more information.

Learn More About this Pulse

Pulse is an anonymous reporting, experience surveys, and robust analytics tool that builds trust and engagement with student-athletes by ensuring their voice is heard. Read more about the features and functionality.

If you are curious how anonymous reporting fits into your department, learn more about how Pulse could help improve your athlete's experience.

Reach out to start your trial today.

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