Notemeal: Profile Tags & Advanced Selection

Profile Tags & Advanced Selection - Now Available

We are excited to announce a better way to create custom groups for your athletes. Notemeal's newest feature, Profile Tags & Advanced Selection, unlock personalization at scale. Dietitians can now drive action to a specific group of athletes once they have assigned pertinent profile tags to each athlete. With one click, you can share particular updates only relevant to a subset of athletes.

Making the Dietitian’s Job Easier:  
Profile Tags creates efficiency by enabling a tagging feature beyond just the athletes' team. That means sharing meal plans and streamlining the menu setup process is faster because you can now share with custom groups through Advanced Selection versus selecting teams or sharing individually with each athlete. Here are a few specific examples of tags the dietitians in our beta group began to use immediately:

- Injured: I want to closely track the engagement data for athletes in injury recovery 
- Position: I want to share this menu with only offensive players on a specific team
- Goal type: I want to share my meal plan template with athletes of a specific goal type
- Kitchen Accessibility:  I want to share this Meal Plan Template with athletes who do not have access to a full kitchen

Get Started Today!
If this sounds like something you want to get started with, there are two types of profile tags that current customers can create within Notemeal.

Custom Tags: These are manual tags that can be added or removed from the "Tags" dashboard or athlete profile. Creating manual tags provides the most flexibility in tag assignment but will need to be manually updated if the athlete's information or status changes. Examples include:
- Goal type: Athletes with a specific dietary goal
-Geobachelor: Someone who is living by themselves with limited kitchen capabilities
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Smart Tags: These are logic-based tags that use primary athlete attributes to assign tags automatically. Once the simple logic statement is in place, this tag will be automatically assigned to athletes who meet the chosen criteria. Examples include:
- Offense: Athletes who are in offense positions on a specific team
-Restricted Diet: A tag grouping of all athletes with custom tags for specific dietary restrictions - e.g., pescatarian, vegan, no dairy, etc.
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Once your tags are created, the new Advanced Selection sharing functionality will allow you to share menus and meal plan templates using tags, position, or team attributes. Still not personalized enough? Through Advanced Selection, you can share down to the individual athlete level and those attributes. This new sharing functionality expands the level of personalized action you can take in Notemeal from just team selection to sharing with the exact group of athletes you want.
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‍For more information on how to get started as a customer, reach out to your product success manager. If your organization is not yet currently using Notemeal, set up time to learn the benefits of a purpose-built nutrition platform.

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