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Streamline Comms

Communicate effortlessly to enhance efficiency throughout the team

  • Send or schedule email and text messages
  • Create specific, customizable groups for messages
  • Send blast text messages to groups and receive one-on-one replies
  • Get read receipts when a message is viewed

"Teamworks will empower every member of the organization to make even more of an impact by streamlining communication and eliminating unnecessary tasks and distractions.”

Jon Robinson
Executive VP & GM, Tennessee Titans

Collect, compile and share paperwork digitally and streamline team onboarding

  • Send and complete forms digitally on web or mobile
  • Track completions and send automatic reminders
  • Collect signatures with DocuSign, allowing recipients to sign on web or mobile
  • Store and securely share documents, images and video files

"Teamworks consolidates our daily operation, acting as a central, secure platform for front office, staff and players to access information instantaneously. We’re pleased to have the entire organization implement Teamworks, trading previously outdated methods and multiple systems for the software’s comprehensive, mobile-first functionalities.”

David Poile
GM, Nashville Predators
Collab Workflow
Hub Profile

Access current information you need for every member of your organization on any device

  • Keep complete contact information for every member of the team
  • Generate custom reports of player data
  • Create custom categories of information for different profiles
  • Add notes to profiles and set who is able to view

"The ability to communicate with our players and disseminate information instantly is a great advantage whether we are at home or on the road. Our team and staff appreciate the convenience of having everything they need always available and in the palm of their hand."

Matt Caracciolo
Vice President, Football Operations & Facilities

Ensure every aspect of your trip is exceptional by streamlining the logistics

  • Update itineraries on-the-go and notify entire the team instantly
  • Schedule and send text, email and/or voice reminders for itinerary items
  • Maintain notes on vendors or contacts with easy access on-the-go
  • Create itineraries for multi-leg trips

"Teamworks allows us to reach everyone—players, coaches and staff—through the devices they are already using. By taking advantage of Teamworks’ technology, we have streamlined how we communicate and share information—making it faster, more efficient, and more reliable."

Rob McDonald
VP, Clubhouse Ops & Travel
Hub travel

Best-in-class content management & distribution

  • No new login needed; access INFLCR using Teamworks accounts
  • Real-time content access and personal social media analytics for players
  • INFLCR’s content platform allows staff to easily onboard teams and streamline content operations
  • Track success with athlete adoption and content usage, and integrated metrics for team and social media accounts

The leading athlete
performance nutrition platform

  • Build meal plans in minutes, not hours, designed specifically for the performance dietitian
  • Share interactive plans and objectives via email, text, or push and monitor your player engagement in-app
  • Facilitate flexible meal ordering from mobile or kiosk for pick up in advance
  • Analyze trends in players and across teams, meal plans, and more
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