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Streamline Comms

Enhance accountability and build consistency throughout the organization.

  • Send or schedule email and text messages
  • Create specific, customizable groups for messages
  • Send blast text messages to groups and receive one-on-one replies
  • Get read receipts when a message is viewed

"Players’ time is in high demand across many departments at the club... With the ability to schedule communication and automate reminders in advance, Teamworks provides us with a streamlined solution to cut through the noise, avoid duplication and ensure we’re using the players’ and coaches’ time in a more targeted way.”

Guy Lawrence
Chief Executive, Chelsea FC

Collect, compile and share data easily to eliminate wasted time

  • Send and complete forms digitally on web or mobile
  • Track completions and send automatic reminders
  • Collect signatures with DocuSign, allowing recipients to sign on web or mobile
  • Store and securely share documents, images and video files

"Player welfare is a top priority for the club, and Teamworks’ gives us the ability to enhance each player’s experience by simplifying the stream of information they receive and adding flexibility and accuracy to updates in training and scheduling. By implementing Teamworks across every level of the club, we prioritise the players’ time and create a culture of efficiency and accountability.”

Hywel Sloman
Operations Director, Arsenal FC
Collab Workflow
Hub Profile

Access current information you need for every member of your organization on any device

  • Maintain complete profiles with contact information for every member of the team
  • Generate custom reports of player data
  • Create custom categories of information for different profiles
  • Add notes to profiles and set who is able to view

"With a national team like the Matildas, we can be spread out all over the world at various times, and Teamworks provides us with the tools to communicate efficiently and effectively while also simplifying some of the cumbersome travel processes our staff must go through to get everyone in the right location at the right time.”

Tony Gustavsson
Head Coach, Football Australia, Matildas

Create cohesion from your academy system to the women’s and men’s professional teams.

  • Seamlessly move players between teams
  • Grant support staff visibility of all teams’ training schedules and track appointments
  • Quickly disseminate critical information to every member of the organization
  • Stay aligned on facility availability

"We are committed to the development of both our Academy infrastructure and players, which includes investing in technology to help them engage and communicate. With Teamworks to centralize operations and ensure our players and their families have information at their fingertips, our staff will have more time to focus on player development."

Dave Jervis
Sr Director of Youth Programs and Academy Business Operations

Best-in-class content management & distribution

  • Real-time content access and personal social media analytics for players
  • No new login needed; access INFLCR using Teamworks accounts
  • INFLCR’s content platform allows staff to easily onboard teams and streamline content operations
  • Track success with athlete adoption and content usage, and integrated metrics for team and social media accounts

The leading athlete
performance nutrition platform

  • Build meal plans in minutes, not hours, designed specifically for the performance dietitian
  • Share interactive plans and objectives via email, text, or push and monitor your athlete engagement in-app
  • Facilitate flexible meal ordering from mobile or kiosk for pick up in advance
  • Analyze trends in athletes and across teams, meal plans, and more
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