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Streamline Comms

Communicate effortlessly to enhance efficiency throughout the team

  • Send or schedule email and text messages
  • Create specific, customizable groups for messages
  • Send blast text messages to groups and receive one-on-one replies
  • Get read receipts when a message is viewed

Eliminate wasted time and streamline team onboarding

  • Send and complete forms digitally on web or mobile
  • Track completions and send automatic reminders
  • Collect signatures with DocuSign, allowing recipients to sign on web or mobile
  • Store and securely share documents, images and video files

Best-in-class content & compliance software

  • Real-time content access and personal social media analytics for student-athletes
  • No new login needed; access INFLCR using Teamworks accounts
  • INFLCR’s content platform allows staff to easily onboard teams and streamline content operations
  • Dashboards and customizable tracking give compliance staff full visibility into NIL activity
  • Compliance tools to ensure continued student-athlete eligibility

Change the game for student-athletes in the classroom

  • Streamline your tech stack and connect student-athletes, staff, tutors & faculty on one central platform
  • Provide academic staff with tools built to maximize their time and resources
  • Empower student-athletes to achieve their academic goals
  • Manage tutor reports, professor surveys, travel letters, study hall requirements and more 
Hub Profiles
Collab Workflow

Give compliance access to where the student-athletes and staff are

  • Student-athlete, coach, & compliance CARA log approval in one click each
  • Generate Time Management Plans without extra effort
  • In-app sign-off for beginning of year forms with one-click reminders
  • Store all forms in Teamworks to simplify the response to “where do I find that form?” from staff and student-athletes
  • Delight your student-athletes with the ability to manage ticket requests on mobile

The leading athlete
performance nutrition platform

  • Build meal plans in minutes, not hours, designed specifically for the performance dietitian
  • Share interactive plans and objectives via email, text, or push and monitor your athlete engagement in-app
  • Facilitate flexible meal ordering from mobile or kiosk for pick up in advance
  • Analyze trends in athletes and across teams, meal plans, and more
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