November 27, 2023

5 Reasons You Need ARMS Camps 👊🏼

Callie Dale, a Senior Account Executive at Teamworks, spoke with Stephen Hay, Assistant General Manager for ARMS Camps, where she shared her experience as the former Assistant Athletics Director for Football Operations at Stanford University. Callie oversaw the development of Stanford's Football Summer Camp program for 10-years and utilized ARMS Camps software to enhance the entire camp management process.

Callie emphasized five areas that played a crucial role in her success with ARMS Camps:

  • Efficiency
  • Customer Service
  • Worker Management
  • Reporting & Recruiting
  • Finances


Callie recognized that one of the significant advantages of using ARMS Camps was its efficiency. She found the software to be easy to navigate, comprehensive in functionality, and impactful in how it gathered and reported on data. With ARMS Camps, Callie could easily access historical data and efficiently share it with the relevant stakeholders. This improved efficiency, benefited the management of recruits, compliance management, and financial operations. By streamlining waivers and forms, Callie cut the Camp check-in process by half the time. 

Customer Service:

In Callie’s experience, one of the standout differentiators of ARMS Camps was the exceptional customer service. She appreciated the prompt assistance from the support team, even during non-standard hours, and the fact that she could always get a person on the phone to help her navigate every step of the way. Additionally, ARMS Camps offered creative support, including website development and branding, which contributed to the uniformity and online presence of camp programs.

Worker Management:

While Callie was at Stanford a large portion of her time and energy was spent dealing with staffing, hiring and paperwork needed to achieve a compliant and successful camp. This included ensuring background checks were completed, checks and balances were in place to protect minors and all bases were covered from a risk management perspective. Within ARMS Camps, worker management is all organized within one place, helping the right people have access and cross-department visibility into every step of the camp.


ARMS Camps offer robust reporting capabilities, which allowed Callie to generate reports on various aspects of the camp, such as financials and rosters. This feature proved valuable to the coaching staff, as it facilitated access to recruitment information. Coaches could obtain real-time data on prospective athletes attending the camps, which aided their recruiting efforts.

Financial Management:

ARMS Camps excels in tracking and managing financial data. Callie leveraged the software's capacity to provide a clear financial overview at any stage during the registration process. This transparency enabled camp organizers to make informed decisions regarding the camp's financial outcomes, including expansion or scaling back. The financial tracking features provided insights into budgeting and staffing decisions for the coaching staff, directly impacting the camp's success.

In addition to these four pillars, Callie discussed the versatility of ARMS Camps. Beyond running camps, Callie effectively employed the software to streamline other events, such as a Women’s Football Clinic - an event tailored towards fans, donors & alumni. The software facilitated efficient event registration and data management, ensuring the success of non-traditional camp-related activities.

Callie Dale's experience with ARMS Camps demonstrates how a comprehensive camp software solution can significantly enhance the management of athletic department operations. ARMS Camps, with its robust support, innovative features, and user-friendly platform, has proven to be a valuable tool for athletic departments.

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