November 20, 2023

Wickets to Widgets - Cricket's Journey Through Digital Transformation

With the Cricket World Cup captivating audiences worldwide, the spotlight shines brightly on cricket. But it's not just the game that's drawing attention but also cricket's remarkable integration of technology, driving innovation across the globe.

Cricket stands as a trailblazer in embracing technology to augment the fairness, accuracy, and entertainment value of the sport. From the advent of the Decision Review System (DRS) that has transformed the game, to tech tools like Hawkeye, Hot Spot, and Snickometer ensuring more accurate outcomes, technology has helped elevate the game's integrity.

Innovations like LED stumps and bails have revolutionized run-out and stumping decisions, enhancing accuracy to unprecedented levels. Moreover, ball-tracking technology provides a vivid depiction of a ball's trajectory, aiding umpires in making Leg Before Wicket (LBW) decisions with greater confidence.

The cricket world's adoption of technology has not only influenced the game on the field but has also impacted organizational strategies off-field.  So it’s no surprise the number of cricket organizations partnering with Teamworks to uplevel their processes and systems has expanded to 6. Cheers to a cricket-filled Teamworks community:

West Indies Cricket Board: Since 2018
England & Wales Cricket Board: Since 2018
DP World ILT20: Since 2023
Mumbai Indians: Since 2023
Sri Lanka Cricket Board: Since 2017
New Zealand Cricket: Since 2017

Teamworks has been a trusted ally in navigating digital transformation, often working with partners at the beginning of that journey to increase efficiency with tech tools. Organizations like recent partner ITL20, start by recognizing the need to streamline operations in order to better manage all of the moving parts. 

Mubashshir Usmani, General Secretary of the Emirates Cricket Board, highlighted the significance of technology in their partnership with Teamworks: 

"We at the DP World ILT20 have always looked at a way to innovate and this also includes the kind of technology that we will use as a League which is why we chose ‘Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports’, which will be a great asset to the league’s multi-faceted operational requirements. From managing and communicating elements of our opening-ceremony extravaganza, coordinating movements of teams, players and officials, through to planning and executing vital venue-specific operations, it is integral we have the best tools available to assist in delivering the DP World ILT20, and, we are confident this technology will provide our personnel with a seamless system."

Teamworks' specialized solutions like Hub foster enhanced communication and collaboration among team members, thereby amplifying productivity and synergy within organizations. And with a growing emphasis on empowering players, many of our cricket partners are now adopting human performance technology to help unlock player potential. 

Simon Moore Crouch, Vice President & General Manager at Teamworks, explained, "Smartabase acts as a catalyst for progress... Teams can consolidate data from various sources and analyze it to make data-informed decisions, ultimately improving player performance, availability, and health."

For longtime partner New Zealand Cricket, consolidated data in one place makes for the most effective planning. As Sandra Kingi​​​​, High Performance Coordinator and Technology Specialist at New Zealand Cricket says, 

‘Smartabase has been a game changer for New Zealand Cricket in terms of creating a central hub for collecting and analyzing data on our athletes across New Zealand - from our up and coming identified talent to our First-Class domestic teams, right through to our BLACKCAPS and WHITE FERNS.  Our players can move a lot between teams, so for that data to follow them and be immediately available to the support staff wherever they are, is key in terms of alignment across our largely decentralized high performance network.’

New Zealand Cricket has just scratched the surface of Smartabase features, creating a fine tuned performance ecosystem with: 

  • Seamlessly integrated data from other platforms like TeamBuildr 
  • And data organized into bespoke dashboards that provide a complete snapshot of player performance
  • … all easily accessed via one app

The seamless integration of all moving parts is a vital tool in the ever-changing cricket landscape. In order to keep the competitive advantage, innovation and operational efficiency is the name of the game. Says Sandra Kingi:

‘…we have to be able to grow, learn and adapt… The huge win for us is to have a customisable and easy to use platform, that we can administer in house, where we are able to make immediate changes and ongoing improvements to keep up with this dynamic environment.’

Smartabase customization coupled with Teamworks’ dedicated support teams provides a ripe environment for continuous improvement - a service Sandra Kingi speaks highly of:

‘The amazing support and guidance we receive from the innovative team at Smartabase and Teamworks has been outstanding.  And with tools like Teamworks Hub that will integrate with Smartabase, it provides us with some really exciting development opportunities in the future.’

-Sandra Kingi, High Performance Coordinator and Technology Specialist, New Zealand Cricket 

As cricket organizations continue to elevate their game, so too does Teamworks’ commitment to support them with technology that evolves alongside their organization with an array of solutions designed to optimize operations and maximize player potential.

If you're interested in exploring Smartabase or any other Teamworks products, seize the opportunity to connect with Simon Moore-Crouch and James Staunton during their visit to India from November 23 to December 4. Join the ever-expanding high performance organizations benefiting from Teamworks for unparalleled success. Contact us now to be a part of this transformative journey.

Teamworks trip to India, Nov 23-Dec 4 2023.

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