January 29, 2024

UC Irvine's Camps Soar to Record Enrollment

Gerald Parham, who has dedicated over 25 years to UC Irvine, currently serves as the Director of Program Development for Intercollegiate Athletics. Over the past 12 years, his primary focus has been on enhancing the university's athletic programs. In March 2023, the department, with his recommendation, made a pivotal decision to adopt ARMS Camps to operationalize over 80 camps running each summer, and several clinics throughout the year. After roughly a year of using the ARMS Camps software, Gerald shares insights into how this transition significantly impacted their camp's operations.

Challenges Before ARMS Camps:

Before UC Irvine adopted ARMS Camps, they faced notable operational challenges. This included dealing with complex layers of operations, time-consuming administrative tasks, and the difficulties of coordinating with coaches, which felt overwhelming.

The Turning Point: 

ARMS Camps brought a significant shift to UC Irvine's camp management. What set this journey apart was the impeccable support of ARMS Camps' customer service. Gerald Parham emphasized, "customer service was a revelation, a true game-changer." The support team's responsiveness, assistance, and dedication not only eased the transition but also bolstered UC Irvine's confidence in the new system.

Game-Changing Features:

UC Irvine's Camps transformation rested on three key pillars:
  • Efficient Reporting: ARMS Camps streamlined reporting processes, eliminating the need for laborious file downloads and cleaning. It revolutionized efficiency, as Gerald noted, "reports that once took hours were now available with a click."
  • Operational Ease: ARMS Camps simplified UC Irvine's workflow, reducing complexity and, importantly, boosting team morale. Gerald acknowledged, "our team found renewed enthusiasm as the platform made their work more efficient."
  • Teamworks Integration: UC Irvine leverages ARMS for student-athlete compliance and the integration between ARMS Camps and ARMS, streamlining their entire sports management ecosystem.

Measurable Impact:

The impact wasn't just a story; it was quantifiable:

  • Adjusted staffing to create better efficiency across camp operations
  • Camp enrollment soared, marking a historic high
  • Administrative response times decreased by a staggering 50%. Gerald elaborated, "What used to take days to process has been cut in half."

A Strong Endorsement:

"For those in search of a comprehensive camp management platform backed by unparalleled support, ARMS Camps is the solution. It's not just a tool; it's a transformative game-changer." - Gerald Parham

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