October 26, 2023

The Hub Advantage

Imagine the journey of an athlete who embarks on a new adventure to a completely different world. They pack their bags, cross the country, or even fly to an entirely different continent, starting afresh. New faces, new coaches, new systems… everything unfamiliar surrounding them. They have to adapt to new playing styles, training methods - even a new way of life. Playing under new lights all while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

In this whirlwind of change, there's a profound need for a sense of belonging. This is where Hub steps in as the ultimate connector, bridging the gap between administrators, coaches, players and their support systems with tools to support and care for athletes. 

Hub connects people, processes, and programs, simply. In a secure and effective way.

At the Heart of Hub: Athlete Care 

Over the years, Teamworks Hub has evolved, serving various functions from roster management to communications and scheduling. But athlete care and consideration remains at the heart, with teams using specific Hub features to enhance the player experience and ensure their safety.

Brandi Bryant, a former Senior Level Administrator on an FCS campus and dedicated DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) advocate, used Hub to create a platform where athletes felt seen, heard and connected, in turn, creating a broader support system for them. She recognized that DEIB didn’t have to be a big splashy campaign, instead a matter of implementing small everyday measures that ultimately became a part of the fabric of the organization.

The Six Layers of Hub Care

Today Hub offers a range of simple and effective features that empower athletes and organizations. These features play a pivotal role in quantifying the effect of initiatives like "Safeguarding" in professional sport worldwide and DEIB in Collegiate sport in the US. 

Connection drives belonging. Hub helps organizations connect simply.

1. Customized Profiles allow administrators to provide personalized care and better understand players with key identifying information attributed to each profile, such as linking guardians to minors to ensure better information dissemination. As Valentina Galvis Gallego, Academy Administrator at professional soccer club Nashville SC, explains, 

"From a safety standpoint, since we are dealing with minors, I want parents to be able to see everything, so their accounts are linked to their parents. They have the same login, they see everything that the players see, so everything is out in the open, nothing is private." 

2. News, File & Media Sharing keeps athletes and their support team informed, providing easy access to shared content on one centralized platform and making resources readily available. Stephen Quinn, Head of Academy Education & Player Care at professional soccer club Queens Park Rangers, notes that they utilize this to provide mental health resources for players and parents:

We utilize the files section to provide parents and players an array of resources, such as mental health signposting. We found this beneficial as now players and parents have a place to go to find out more information or to download resources to support their son on their journey through the academy.

3. Anonymous Surveys & Reporting via Pulse means athletes can confidentially report concerns, red flags, and potential violations, ensuring a safe and anonymous channel for communication. The feature increases awareness and accountability amongst the team. Brandi used Hub to address an anonymous report of racial slurs used off field whilst athletes were playing video games. She swiftly organized 'Sensitivity Training' through Hub to address the issue collectively, creating a more inclusive and safe space for the team without singling out individuals.

4. Security & Permissions: Hub ensures that sensitive data, such as passport copies, medical forms, or authorizations, is transmitted securely. 

5. Intentional Roommate Pairing via Hub Travel fosters greater team connection by reducing implicit bias and building rapport amongst teammates.

6. Messaging: Creating safe spaces for open conversations helps build trust and accountability. Custom group messaging allows for different types of communication (direct 1:1, small group, larger team messages, etc), and it keeps a recorded history for oversight. Jonathan Redhead, Safeguarding Senior Manager of the professional soccer club Wolverhampton Wolves highlights the significance of having a platform with oversight, unlike messaging apps like WhatsApp:

“We wanted to get away from WhatsApp where there's no history. If a member of staff had inappropriate communication with a young person, we would have no oversight of that. With Teamworks, we can check those things directly.”

Or in the case of Brandi 'Track Mama' Bryant, direct messaging allowed her to stay connected with athletes on the road, building rapport and providing a sense of care for athletes far from home. She praises Hub messaging:

'It's a great way to connect senior leadership with student-athletes.'

Leveraging the many layers of Hub adds value to the administrator and creates safe spaces for the athlete. It’s a win-win. That’s the Hub advantage.

Accelerating the Hub Advantage

The effectiveness of Hub is further amplified with current and future integrations designed to simplify connections and communications. Athletes of all ages, from U18 players in the pro arena to collegiate athletes balancing academics and sports, benefit from these integrations:

  • HUB <> Pulse: These keep teams in the loop and facilitate smooth communication.
  • HUB <> Retain Check-Ins: Recognizing the 'student' before the athlete, this integration enhances connectivity.
  • Mobile Front Door: With a single login, athletes experience less app fatigue.

These integrations set Hub apart, ultimately empowering the athlete with one app that enables a connected journey throughout the entire athlete lifecycle. Creating a sense of belonging that transcends technology.

After all, it's not about bits and bytes; our focus is on trust, communication, and building not just a platform but a united community where every athlete's potential is unleashed and celebrated.

To discover more ways to leverage Hub for enhancing your player experience, book a demo today. 

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