October 3, 2022

Teamworks Acquires the Future of Recruiting

Teamworks Acquires the Future of Recruiting

‍DURHAM, NC – [Monday, October 3, 2022] – Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, announced today its acquisition of Whistle Recruiting and RecruitSuite, software services that provide collegiate recruiting communications. These investments provide entry into the recruiting market and strengthen Teamworks' portfolio of product offerings for collegiate athletic departments.

With the recruiting space more dynamic than ever, Teamworks recognized the opportunity to build and shape its future. Similar to the acquisitions with INFLCR in NIL and Notemeal in sports nutrition, Teamworks studied the industry to partner with the best company  in the space.

Whistle Recruiting, a six-year veteran in the recruiting market, assists over 70 collegiate teams and their coaches in communicating with recruits through iMessage, SMS, and Twitter. RecruitSuite, the recruiting division of Stacked Sports, also offers a personalized communications platform for recruiting strategies. Under the Whistle banner, Teamworks will provide industry-leading technology that drives personalized, efficient engagement with recruits.

"In the past year alone, we have seen recruiting change dramatically with the transfer portal, NIL's expanding role, and how recruits engage with coaches. As a result, the staffing counts in recruiting offices are growing, and the landscape has become more competitive than ever. Coaches and staff need to evolve their recruiting approach - engaging on several different platforms across hundreds of potential recruits while making each athlete feel special," said Zach Maurides, Founder and CEO of Teamworks. "After identifying the opportunity to provide a solution for the increasing complexities surrounding collegiate recruiting communications brought on by NIL and the transfer portal, we are thrilled to expand our product offerings to the collegiate market and bring the Whistle brand into the Teamworks product suite."

“When we started Whistle, we looked to Teamworks on how to build best-in-class technology, and we closely mimicked their blueprint for success: simplicity and efficiency,” said Luke Pitcher, Founder and CEO of Whistle Recruiting. “We launched with an SMS and Twitter direct messaging application focused on football programs. After rapid adoption and engagement, we quickly evolved our services to media distribution, and later developed an aggregated feed for high school scores and schedules in our app. Innovation is part of our DNA, and we can’t wait to continue to build the future of recruiting with the resources and support of Teamworks.”

With the Teamworks acquisition of RecruitSuite, Stacked Sports is pivoting its focus to provide athletic departments a centralized hub within Tickets, Marketing, and Development Offices to execute effective external messaging campaigns. “I’m pumped to align my RecruitSuite clients with Teamworks. This acquisition allows us to focus on Stacked Messenger in our new market segment, and we couldn't be more excited," said Ben Graves, Founder and CEO of Stacked Sports.

About Whistle Recruiting

Whistle Recruiting™  is the leading recruiting communications platform in collegiate sports, serving over 70 of the top Division I programs in football, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track. Every year, over 65,000 collegiate coaches battle for the attention of eight million recruits while navigating a minefield of NCAA regulations. Whistle organizes a chaotic recruiting process and equips the top athletic programs with dynamic text and social media messaging, content distribution, and high school score and schedule aggregation so coaches can spend their time coaching, not texting.

About RecruitSuite

RecruitSuite is an all-in-one communication and analytics software service designed to help coaches build personal relationships with recruits, their parents, and high school coaches, and save hours of time in the process. 

About Teamworks

Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, powers more than 6,000 sports organizations around the world, including collegiate athletic departments and teams across all of the major professional leagues. With U.S. offices in Durham, Birmingham, and Boston and employees in 25 states and eight countries, Teamworks’ software solutions drive the operations of the most recognizable sports properties in the world. For more information about Teamworks, visit www.teamworks.com.

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