August 9, 2023

Stoke City FC: Collecting and Centralizing Data to Improve Reporting

About Stoke City Football Club

Stoke City FC is a football club that’s based in Stoke-on-Trent, England and competes in the EFL. It was one of the founding members of the Football League in 1888, won the League Cup in 1972, and reached the final of the FA Cup in 2011. The club implemented Smartabase to capture, aggregate, and present player data.  We talked with Nick Meace, Head of Medical, at Stoke City FC to explore why they chose Smartabase and their experience thus far working with our team.

“We needed a central hub that all staff can access, and Smartabase was the standout option because of its flexibility and scope.”

Nick Meace, Head of Medical, Stoke City FC

What was the original problem you were trying to solve with Smartabase, and what were you doing to try to address it before? 

We were using four separate systems to manage player data. This made it extremely difficult to collate data and produce reports/audit and to create daily availability schedules for our manager and coaches. There was a silo culture that led to miscommunication between departments and our academy, and we were finding it challenging to monitor players’ progress and identify abnormalities. 

Why did you choose to go with Smartabase? 

We explored several companies on the market, but Smartabase stood out due to the number of APIs it offered, the visual reports for availability and injury, and its ability to centralize our current data. 

Did you enjoy the implementation process?

Yes. The customer service throughout the process was outstanding. Teamworks was the only company that made the effort to arrange to come and visit us at the training ground. The standard of the presentation was exemplary, and the videos they provided beforehand helped us understand Smartabase. 

What differentiates Smartabase from other products? 

The standard of service from the team, the durability and scope of the product, and competitive pricing for everything that Smartabase offers.   

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