August 23, 2023

Sport Wales and Teamworks Announce a Multi-Year Partnership

Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. In collaboration with pivotal partners, including national governing bodies and sport partnerships, their ambition is to create an inclusive sports system. This ambition is designed to provide equal opportunities for all individuals to progress, as well as facilitating the success of Welsh athletes and teams on the world stage.

Since 2022, Sport Wales has seamlessly integrated Smartabase into its operations, a move aimed at optimising athlete development within both pathway and performance programs. Among the early adopters of Smartabase are organisations such as Swim Wales, Welsh Boxing, Wales Golf, and Welsh Athletics. Additionally, this cutting-edge technology has been harnessed to facilitate comprehensive system-wide projects, encompassing Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Injury and Illness Surveillance, and various initiatives targeting the health and well-being of female athletes.

"We are excited to embark on a collaborative journey with Teamworks, marked by our adoption of Smartabase across our esteemed partner organisations here in Wales. Following an exhaustive evaluation of prominent Athlete Management System providers, Smartabase emerged as the ideal fit for the intricate demands of our multi-sport landscape,” said Daniel Farmer, Performance Advisor at Sport Wales. “The amalgamation of Smartabase's configuration prowess, expansive integration capabilities, and top-tier security features instilled confidence in both us and our partners. This confidence stems from the system's potential to drive a sophisticated and innovative approach to athlete monitoring.”
"In alignment with the objectives of the National Governing Bodies, our focus is on implementing robust systems and streamlined processes within pathways and performance programs. This strategic approach is designed to provide insights into the essential components that drive sustainable and impactful athlete development initiatives. Serving as our catalyst for discovery, Smartabase empowers us to unravel the multitude of factors contributing to athletes achieving their potential."

The Operating System for Sports™

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