October 5, 2023

Smartabase Clearinghouse Solution Rolled Out to US Space Force

Whether they’re Special Forces operators or enlisted in the “big” Army, Navy, or Air Force, service members can improve their readiness, performance, and overall well being with wearables. Yet until now, capturing, aggregating, and visualizing device data in a secure environment has proved difficult. At AUSA (Association of the United States Army) 2023, Teamworks will demonstrate how its Smartabase Clearinghouse solution solves this problem. 

The Smartabase Military HPO Solution enables units to easily collect, centralize, and analyze data throughout a service member’s lifecycle. They can then utilize personalized dashboards to present the data to all stakeholders and quickly action insights with custom notifications and alerts. Smartabase is used in recruitment, schoolhouse training, fitness and spiritual readiness assessments, like the ACFT and SRA, and many other scenarios. It also enables directors of H2F and POTFF programs to promote holistic health and elevate preparedness. 

Meeting IL5 Compliance Standards

With the new Clearinghouse solution, Smartabase adds the ability to take a service member’s data from whatever wearables they’re using or from the Smartabase app in the IL2 domain and securely send it into an IL5 environment. To protect personal identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) service members are assigned a randomly generated numerical ID, allowing data to be collected against de-identified users. This ensures a new level of data protection for both the operator and their unit. Location data is also disabled so that the whereabouts of the service member remains unknown. 

Bring Your Own Wearable Device

Another advantage of Smartabase Clearinghouse is that it supports a bring your own device (BYOD) approach. This means that a service member can use devices from Garmin, Oura, Whoop, Polar, and virtually any other compliant vendor to monitor training, sleep, and other aspects of performance, recovery, and wellbeing. Regardless of what protocols these manufacturers adhere to, the information collected from wearables is securely transferred to an IL5 site. Service members are quickly onboarded using QR codes they activate from their smartphones to create a unique and de-identified Smartabase ID and authorize their wearables. 

Offering Insights to Service Members, Practitioners, and Leadership 

Once Smartabase Clearinghouse has collected and collated a service member’s data, the system visualizes it in convenient, customizable dashboards that simplify complex concepts in a graphical way. These are presented to leadership via reports on the secure IL5 environment. Practitioners, such as strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, and medical staff, can drill down into more granular details to inform training and treatment while commanders can view unit-level insights at a glance. These displays drive faster and more accurate decisions that reduce lost duty days, improve individual readiness, and increase overall force capability. 

Supporting the Space Force Continuous Fitness Assessment

The initial rollout of Smartabase Clearinghouse will enable Space Force to manage and act upon data for 5,000 guardians as part of the Continuous Fitness Assessment (CFA). This project will include capturing Garmin wearable data, fitness test logs, and subjective feedback through the Smartabase app. This innovative solution will provide feedback and insights to service members while offering oversight to researchers, providers and commanders. 

To learn more about the Smartabase Clearinghouse solution, visit the Teamworks booth in the Human Performance Pavilion at AUSA from October 9 to 11, 2023. Unable to attend? Contact us today

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