December 21, 2023

Scoring Goals with Teamworks' Naomi Powell

‘Packed a suitcase, had a dream.’ 

And just like that, Naomi Powell was off, traveling from the US to the UK with the strong and steady determination of an athlete in pursuit of greatness. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is what got her to where she is today: playing professional soccer (better known as football in the UK) for a Scottish Women's Premier League team whilst helping sports organizations in their own pursuit of excellence as a Teamworks Customer Support Specialist.

Throughout Naomi's journey, Teamworks has been a constant presence—a thread weaving through the fabric of her life. From her family's use of the platform during her Dad's tenure as a collegiate and professional coach to her own firsthand experiences as a student-athlete at NC State and as a semi-professional player with Nottingham Forest FC, Teamworks has played a crucial role at every turn. 

Joining Teamworks as a Customer Support Specialist while simultaneously competing in professional football with Hibernian FC in Scotland has brought together the diverse pieces of Naomi's life into a harmonious blend—a narrative uniquely hers, painted with ambition and unyielding spirit. Whether she's navigating local lingo on a foreign team or deeply engaged in steering her Teamworks partners towards success, Naomi's commitment to fostering a high-performing culture is nothing short of world-class.

Check out Naomi's Top 3 Keys to Scoring Goals:  

1. Leverage the 1%ers

‘It’s the one percenters that take you from great to excellent, from collegiate to pro,’ says Naomi, emphasizing the importance of incremental improvements every day to help get you to where you want to be. Citing Smartabase technology as her ally in supporting injury prevention and overall player welfare, Naomi appreciates the value that technology can provide:

2. Get Everyone Pushing in the Right Direction

Creating a high-performing culture requires effective communication that aligns everyone towards a common goal. Naomi highlights how tech tools like Teamworks streamline everyday stresses, allowing players to focus solely on performance. It provides the clarity and direction needed to successfully juggle their busy schedules.

3. Tap Into Your Unique Perspective

Naomi's dual expertise as both a professional athlete and Customer Support Specialist provides a distinct vantage point, enabling her to apply her lived experiences to empathize with clients and anticipate their needs. Her ability to bridge the gap between her athletic journey and professional role underscores the immense power of owning one's story. Every lesson gleaned along the way serves as inspiration, resonating not just on the field, but also in empowering others beyond sports.

One thing’s for sure, Naomi is an inspiration - to us here at Teamworks, and all of her adoring fans.

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