July 19, 2023

Spotlight on Profiles: 7 Power Features

Athletes, coaches, and staff are at the center of everything you do. That’s why we continue to build upon the already robust functionality of the Teamworks Hub Profile module. In 2023 alone, we’ve introduced more than a dozen new features or enhancements to help you create and manage Profiles faster and easier. 

Let’s explore seven powerful features designed to make managing your team rosters faster and easier that you may not know about or use to their fullest extent.

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Edit Mode

Edit Mode provides Teamworks Hub Superusers the ability to update certain profile attributes inline within the Profiles table. With Edit Mode, you no longer need to navigate to individual profiles to update certain attributes. Learn More > 

Hub Profiles Edit Mode

Batch Edit

There are times when you’ll need to update the same attribute for multiple users. For example, updating the Start Date for a new cohort of staff or entering the year a group of athletes joined a particular team. Using search and/or filters and the new Batch Edit feature, you can easily narrow in on a set of users and quickly update their profile records. Learn More > 

Hub Profiles Batch Edit

Custom Groups Across Teams

While you’re likely familiar with using Custom Groups, did you know users with access to all teams can create Custom Groups across teams? This makes it easy to schedule and communicate with groups of users that span multiple teams. Maybe you work with a certain set of teams, like Men’s and Women’s basketball, and need to send a message to them all. Or you have a student-athlete leadership council and you need to schedule a monthly meeting. These are just a few examples of how Custom Groups across teams can help you be more efficient. Learn more >

Teamworks Hub Custom Groups Across Teams

Take an Action on Multiple Users

Particularly at certain times of the year, you may need to take an action on multiple users at once. Using search and/or filters to narrow the list of users, you can easily select a group and take any of the following actions.

  • Send account activation
  • Enable SSO
  • Reset passwords
  • Deactivate/reactivate users
  • Enable/disable login
  • Send message
  • Remove from Team
  • Add calendar events
  • Upload profile photo

Hub Profiles Action Multiple Users

Move Players to Another Team 

For our pro customers, especially those with developmental/academy teams, the ability to easily move a player from one team to another via your phone is a simple but very useful feature. Learn more >  

Hub Profiles Move Players to Another Team

User History & Change Notifications

The new View User History feature gives visibility into when changes were made to a Teamworks user and allows you to audit that information directly. Email notifications can also be configured to flag changes in an athlete’s status or user type.  These features are particularly important for collegiate compliance but are available to all customers. Learn More > 

Hub Profiles User History and Change Notifications

Athletic Year Attribute

Since student-athletes can have different academic years compared to their athletic year (i.e. a Junior in academic standing, but a Sophomore athletically), we’ve added a new core Athletic Year attribute that can be easily managed and incremented just like Academic Year. 

Hub Profiles Athletic Year Attribute

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