February 5, 2024

Operating System for Sports: The Evolution of Integration

Teamworks introduced the Operating System for Sports™ (OSS) in Summer 2022 with Hub, INFLCR, and Notemeal and acquired an additional seven companies since then. The goal: provide our elite sports customers with a unified tech platform to support the full athlete lifecycle and engage athletes through one app. 

So, how are we doing? Let’s explore the major challenges our customers face and how Teamworks OSS has evolved to help solve those.

The Benefits of Simplicity

As elite sports organizations adopt more technology to give them a competitive advantage and streamline operations, they often see their return on investments plateau. Why? Their tech stack becomes so complicated, fragmented, and siloed that it limits the potential benefits or, worse, creates unexpected inefficiencies and costly redundancies.

Teamworks solves this by consolidating all the software an elite sports organization needs into the Operating System for Sports. Through one relationship, on one platform, our customers recognize new efficiencies and cost savings that come with simplicity.  

Did You Know?
Teamworks added nine products to the Operating System for Sports in the last 13 months? That’s ~1 new product every 6 weeks. 

Teamworks Operating System Sports Integrations

Engage Athletes

App fatigue is an unintended consequence of adopting the latest and greatest technologies. Teamworks solved this by giving athletes a single app to track everything they need to do and everywhere they need to be while easily accessing other tools such as INFLCR, Notemeal, and ARMS. Messaging, calendars, tasks, and more – your athletes have one app to check every day to manage their responsibilities on and off the field. Learn more about Teamworks Mobile Front Door

Did You Know?
Tasks from INFLCR, Pulse, Retain, Pathways, and ARMS can all be viewed and managed from the Teamworks Mobile App?

One Login to Remember

Managing multiple passwords is a thing of the past. Administrators, staff, and athletes only need to remember the Teamworks login to access the technology they use every day. This simple yet powerful integration not only makes it easier for users but also saves administration time by reducing the number of login-related issues. 

Sign In with Teamworks

Did You Know?
with Teamworks is available on all our products.

Easy and Centralized Roster Management

Rosters are central to effectively and efficiently managing your elite sports organization. As such, integrating rosters across all our products has been a priority so administrators have one place to maintain athlete profiles. Individual departments or teams can maintain the particular attributes they require while saving time and improving data accuracy by syncing with the centralized roster. Stay tuned for more enhancements to our roster management integration in 2024.

Did You Know?
INFLCR, Notemeal, Retain, Pathways, and Pulse sync their rosters with Hub. Our latest integration allows administrators to easily create a new student-athlete profile in Hub when a recruit is promoted in ARMS. 
Teamworks Roster Management

Better Calendar Visibility

An athlete is surrounded by professionals dedicated to helping them succeed on and off the field. Teamworks has integrated calendars across key products to give these professionals a complete view of an athlete’s schedule and help them provide more personalized support. From scheduling meals to planning volunteer events to making advisor appointments – coordinating across multiple calendars is easy.

Did You Know?
Hub, Notemeal, and Retain share calendar data. No need to bounce between screens – you can see the athlete’s full calendar in one view and quickly schedule what you need.

Teamworks Shared Calendar

Seamless User Experience

Starting in the summer of 2023, we introduced Teamworks Navigation across our products to provide a consistent user experience. The next phase of this evolution has arrived, with ARMS launching the new Teamworks App Switcher, enabling users of multiple products to quickly and seamlessly move between their purpose-built solutions.

Did You Know? 
Hub, INFLCR, and ARMS have adopted Teamworks Navigation and App Switcher is now available for ARMS users. More products will be updated in early 2024.

Teamworks Navigation

Combining Nutrition & Performance Data

Human performance staff can make better decisions about an athlete's training and nutrition plans when they have a holistic view of the individual. That’s why Smartabase, the premier human performance optimization solution, integrates with Notemeal, the leading performance nutrition platform. Learn more about the Smartabase-Notemeal integration

Did You Know? 
By setting a threshold for acceptable energy surpluses or deficits, Smartabase can flag an individual and notify the dietitian so their meal plan can be adjusted.
Notemeal - Smartabase Integration

Submitting Anonymous Concerns

Pulse, our anonymous reporting and survey platform, integrates with the Teamworks app to improve engagement and response rates. Administrators can easily send a task to an athlete to complete a survey, and athletes can quickly access the anonymous concerns portal from within the app to report issues.

Did You Know? 
Administrators can directly message anonymous survey/report respondents while maintaining their privacy. 
Pulse Anonymous Concerns Portal

Connecting Academics

Retain and Pathways topped our list of integrations with Hub completed in 2023. In addition to the centralized roster management and calendars described above, we deployed several integrations that make it easy to engage student-athletes. From submitting time requests and making appointments to viewing enrolled courses, completed study hall hours, and upcoming events, student-athletes can manage their academic responsibilities from the Teamworks app they use every day. Our most recent integration allows Retain users to easily send a message blast via Hub to staff and athletes from within Retain – no need to switch between platforms. 

Did You Know? 
Everything a student-athlete could do in the Retain app is now possible within the Teamworks app. 
Hub - Retain Integraions

ARMS Kicks Off 2024 with a Bang

ARMS, the leading compliance, recruiting, and automation solution, is out of the gates fast this year with new Hub integrations. From the new Teamworks Nav to ARMS CARA Logs in the Teamworks App, these new integrations the user experience and save time.  Learn More > 

More to Come!

As we did in 2023, Teamworks will continue to transform the sports tech industry in 2024. While we made tremendous progress over the last 12 months integrating our products, we remain committed to further integrating the Operating System for Sports to support the full athlete lifecycle. 

We’ll add more products and continue to implement our core integrations to help engage athletes, streamline roster management, improve visibility and communication, and deliver a consistent and seamless experience. Teamworks customers can be confident they’ve partnered with a leader who can drive their success today and in the future. 

If you have questions about a particular integration or a specific product on the Operating System for Sports, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us.

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