December 5, 2023

Going The Distance for Teamworks Partners: An Engineer’s Story

The engineering of innovative integrations for software that’s been called a ‘game-changer’ isn’t a task that Sara Bilich takes lightly. An endurance athlete after hours, Sara channels her steady drive from completing triathlons, marathons and grueling distance competitions to her work here at Teamworks as a Senior Software Engineer. She proves that engineering projects are not just a sprint but a marathon. And it’s the sum of the parts that creates a winning product.  

Continuous Improvement

For Sara, continuously building upon a solid foundation while being flexible and adaptive is the key to success. She notes how endurance sports have helped her recognize that it is critical to reflect on how each movement impacts your larger goal.

“What I do empowers both dietitians and athletes to really supercharge their athletic experience through the foods that they choose to eat.”

Starting with the Notemeal team just under a year ago, Sara quickly jumped into creating new and improved features for the leading performance nutrition app.

In collaboration with the entire Notemeal team, Sara engineered the Notemeal Calendar Suggestions feature that automatically suggests meal times and updates meal events based on the athlete’s Teamworks Hub calendar.

“It was exciting to see the feature launched and be immediately so well-loved by our partners. Team effort for that integration.”

It’s About The Partner

Sara says the beauty of Notemeal is that the app seamlessly gives time back to the dietitian so they can focus on all of their athletes. The Notemeal team is very intentional with the creation of new features, making sure their efforts will directly impact dietitians and athletes alike. Sara spends many hours on calls with Teamworks partners, listening to their feedback and asking questions about what helpful solutions could look like.

“We love to stay really close to our partners. I need to know how to ask the right questions in order to know that we're building the right products for our end users. So we work really closely with our product managers and our customer success teams to take the data we collect from discovery calls and really figure out what that means for the product.” 

Then as an engineer specifically, Sara asks herself what that means for the Notemeal code base and what’s the best way to go about building the feature in a user-friendly manner.

“I've talked to the partners who want new features, and then I know who exactly is going to be using the product, and I have faces that I can put to why we're building it. For me, as an engineer, that is priceless. It's so valuable.”

Connected Team of Athletes

Behind this revolutionary, well-loved product is a dynamic and dedicated Notemeal team. Sara explained that much of her satisfaction working at Teamworks comes from her professional relationships with her colleagues, who share the same high level of care and intention to build a product for Teamworks partners.

“We excel as individuals but perform better together. That's the power of a well-connected team and system.”

From cheering on her Notemeal team members on Strava to appreciating flexible working conditions so teammates can referee hockey tournaments, Sara loves that her team is made of athletes with diverse interests and passions. One of Sara’s favorite Teamworks memories is watching her colleague, Kral Ferch’s dunk reel from his basketball days.

Sara Bilich credits her positive journey and success at Teamworks as a testament to the collaborative spirit and the culture of care the Notemeal team radiates. While Sara continues to train for her next big competition outside of work, she brings that untiring focus to make our Teamworks products the best possible experience for our partners.

“I think it’s really important to be proud of what you’re doing and building. It’s great working on something that aligns with who I am today.”

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