June 27, 2023

NIL Year 2 Recap: What's the Big News?

It should come as no surprise that the big news out of NIL Year Two is evolution and growth. It’s been an exciting and transformative year for NIL. But really - how much growth has the NIL marketplace experienced? And what does it all mean?

Based on INFLCR data from over 90,000 student-athletes, 3,500+ teams, and 3,700+ business and fans, we've deduced the following.*

From 2022-23, investment was strategically allocated across a variety of student-athletes, increasing both the average transaction, and the total volume of transactions. 

68% of total transaction volume since the start of NIL has been reported in Year 2 of NIL 

The headline? More dollars were spread farther across a wider pool of athletes, resulting in: 

  • $53 Median Transaction 
  • $1,936 Average Transaction - up 6% from Year One

With more awareness and education around NIL opportunities, an unprecedented number of student-athletes were empowered to grow their personal brand and monetize their name, image and likeness - with social media being the easiest royalty to cash in. 

Social Media posts & Royalty Payouts garnered 70% of transaction types. 

And team players especially leveraged the power of group licensing, with the Top 5 Sports Reported Transactions reported as:

  • Football
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Softball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Baseball 

Stay tuned for more updates. A complete rundown of NIL by the Numbers will be out soon! For now, some Top Takeaways from NIL Year 2 according to INFCLR Founder & CEO and Teamworks Chief of Innovation, Jim Cavale:

Takeaway #1

Takeaway #2

Takeaway #3

Takeaway #4

*Please note: data is pulled from the schools that INFLCR works with and is not representative of the NIL industry as a whole.

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