June 4, 2023

2023 NIL Summit: Award Winners

The 2023 NIL Summit kicked off in style with the NIL Awards and INFLCR was there to capture all the fashion, fun, and excitement! Check out some of the highlights of the fits and the drip that showed up on the red carpet this year. The full photo gallery can be found on the INFLCR app.

The fashion was on point, and so was the appreciation for these amazing student-athletes. Not only have they excelled in their athletic and academic pursuits, they’ve been exceptional brand-builders and set a new bar for student-athletes. Congratulations to the 2023 NIL Summit Award Winners!

Female Athlete of the Year

Trinity Thomas, University of Florida Gymnastics

Trinity’s dedication and outstanding performance have made her a true inspiration! Not only has she tied the 27-year-old NCAA Gymnastics Record for the most perfect 10s IN HISTORY, she’s done so with the humility and grace of a natural leader. Congratulations Trinity, keep shining bright!

Male Athlete of the Year

Jon Seaton, Elon University Football

This football and Tik Tok Star has an unmatched determination, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a knack for stylin’ like a champ (check out his wheels!). He’s the real deal, grounded in family love and a respect for the community. He deserves all the accolades and more. Congratulations, Jon!

Innovator of the Year

Flau’jae Johnson, LSU Women’s Basketball

Not just a pro on the court but in the studio as well (oh heyyyy Natty winner!). Flau’jae’s unafraid of pushing boundaries - she courageously pursues alllll her passions, inspiring each of us to do the same. Her multifaceted nature, endless creativity and innovation are changing the game for college athletics. Keep doin’ you Flau’jae, we’re here for it!

Hustle Award

Jack Betts, Amherst College Football

Jack founded The Make Your Own Legacy Academy, the first of its kind NIL Education Solution, helping athletes maximize their NIL potential. With a relentless work ethic and never-give-up attitude, Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally. Keep manifesting magic Jack - when you win, we all win!

Scholar of the Year

Caitie Baird, Stanford Women’s Volleyball

Caitie’s exceptional academic achievements and commitment to excellence on and off the court at Stanford make her a true role model. With a win like this, she’s sure to be back in Cabo soon, soakin’ up all her other prize efforts. Congratulations Caitie!

Jalon Daniels, Kansas Football

This football star has his focus set on not only the game but his education, majoring as a computer engineer! Jalon makes it look easy to stay on top of both - all while drippin’ chain bling like a pro. Congratulations Jalon!

Athlete Advocate of the Year

Paul Mulcahy, Rutgers Men’s Basketball

A true advocate for his community, Paul started The Grateful4 Foundation with the dream to inspire other athletes to use their influence for good - giving back, prioritizing gratitude, and making a positive change in this world. He’s a cut above the rest, standing tall (literally) in generosity!

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year

Dieunerst Collin, Lake Erie Football

Taking advantage of every opportunity he’s had since age 9, this viral star made it to a Super Bowl commercial and has been capitalizing on NIL opportunities ever since. With a ‘whale out’ that rivals Free Willy, we’re impressed by it all! Congrats on your remarkable achievements Dieunerst! 

High School Athlete of the Year

Malachi Nelson, Los Alamitos High School, USC

Malachi’s outstanding quarterback skills and incredible achievements have made him a standout! He’s only getting started and yet he reminds us of the power of gratitude and support teams that allow you to perform at your peak. Best of luck on the road ahead at USC!

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