December 9, 2022

Meet the New Global Team Members

Friday, December 9, 2022


Each day more clubs decide to embrace technology, streamline communications and simplify processes by using one centralised platform. As Teamworks expands across the globe, so does our team. 

"We build on long term relationships with all the clubs and leagues we partner with. As we expanded globally, we understood that closeness and speaking the same language was key to our partners”, said Paul Dudley, Teamworks’ Vice President of Global & Enterprise. “So when looking for the new team members we had this as a priority, to find the most talented people in Europe, UK & APAC to give the best support to all our actual teams, but also to the new partners that are coming onboard”

With the transfer window closed, Teamworks is excited to announce the latest additions to its global team. 

  • Haydn Roberts, European Sales Director (Based in the UK)
  • Daniel Grace, APAC Commercial Director (Based in Australia)
  • Irina Juchimiuk Jaworski, Global Marketing Manager (Based in Spain)
  • George Wells, Customer Success Manager (Based in the UK)
  • Tom Smart, Customer Service Specialist (Based in the UK)
  • Naomi Powell, Customer Support Associate (Based in the UK)
  • Christian Domingo, European Account Manager (Based in Spain)
  • Hayden Gutry, Director, Strategy & Operations (Based  in the UK)

“We've been hiring new talent globally in multiple territories, including APAC & Europe. Teamworks is a remote-first company, which means we can employ amazing people across the world. This localized strategy also helps us better serve the many international clubs and leagues who are embracing technology to improve their operations”, said Hillary Lerner, Senior Vice President, People & Culture at Teamworks.“Teamworks' success is driven by competitive, high-performing people who prioritise teamwork and collaboration. We're always looking for those types of people”

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