November 21, 2023

Let's Talk Mobile Front Door

Meet Kyle Mumma.

Contrary to what many would expect of the creator of Mobile Front Door, Kyle is not an engineer. As Senior Product Manager, Kyle is the ultimate liaison between tech wizards and athletic departments. With a background as a tech entrepreneur and former collegiate athletics administrator, Kyle has worn many hats – from managing operations to acing recruitment and fundraising at Duke University. This diverse skill set is the type of DNA that makes up Teamworks legends. When Kyle joined Teamworks through the NextPlay acquisition, his experience in creating a virtuous win-win-win circle with products that benefited the schools, athletes and alumni was put to use in creating Communities. Since then, his knack for seeing both sides of the coin has quickly landed him a crucial role in leading integration innovations. Kyle’s superpower? Understanding the tech and administrative worlds. Seeing both sides enables Kyle to craft solutions that directly tackle administrators' core challenges.

Let’s Talk Mobile Front Door

Is it a product? Not really. Is it a feature? Yes and no. What is it?!  According to Kyle, Mobile Front Door is a ‘jumping-off point.’ Created with the sole intention of making athletes' lives easier - Mobile Front Door is an aggregated list of tasks and calendar appointments pulled from the many different areas of an athlete's life. It is the one place for athletes to understand where they need to be and what they need to do, all on one screen. As such, it is one of the foundational integrations of The Operating System for Sports

Convenience for Athletes

For an athlete, Mobile Front Door provides the convenience of all essential information in one place- everything from compliance paperwork to study hall appointments, all prioritized for maximum efficiency. It’s like having a daily run-sheet in your back pocket every day.

Athletes know ‘if I just open Teamworks, everything I need to know is going to be right in front of me, and I can just knock it out… it’s a little bit of calm in a hectic life,’ says Mumma. 

Confidence for Administrators

Having lived and breathed the multi-tasking life of a collegiate administrator, Kyle can appreciate the efficiency Mobile Front Door provides. The interconnected system ensures things aren’t missed and balls aren’t dropped - the inevitable pitfall that can occur to those managing independent systems that aren’t talking to each other. With seamless integrations like Mobile Front Door, administrators not only improve productivity but they get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all important information is in one place and easily accessible for athletes. It connects the team and increases athlete engagement. 

The Future of Integrations

In talking with Kyle, one thing is clear: Teamworks innovation does not stop at Mobile Front Door. Integrations are the key to an interconnected ecosystem that supports the entirety of the athlete lifecycle. So this is just a ‘jumping off point’ - with lots more to come! 

Thanks for all of the integration insights, Kyle!

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