September 5, 2023

INFLCR's Top 10 Tips for Maximizing NIL

Ready to turbocharge your NIL? Look no further – we've got the ultimate playbook to unleash your potential this season and beyond. From looking good to feeling great, to dominating your NIL game and beyond, this INFLCR playbook is your all-access pass to winning the NIL game. Get ready to level up because we're here to help you succeed like never before! 🚀

TIP #1: Look Good to Feel Good

It's not just about rocking those trending sneakers 👟 – when you're on top of your game physically and mentally, it's like a confidence superpower! Looking good isn't just about appearances – it's about being in sync with your body, fostering a positive mindset, and ultimately showcasing your best self both on and off the field. So remember, investing in your well-being isn't just about vanity, it's a fundamental aspect of excelling in your pursuits. 

TIP #2: Mastering the Art of Content Creation 

Meet @chaseqb11, a playmaker on the field and content creator extraordinaire. Having collaborated with brands like Whole Foods, JP Morgan Chase, & Urban Outfitters, Chase knows a thing or two about leveraging his NIL. Chase's pro tips include making a shot list before shooting content and striking the perfect balance between content from the INFLCR platform and original content. ✨

TIP #3: Navigating the NIL Tax Game

Are you making videos or posts for brands? Then this tip from Kat @TurboTax is for you! Learn how to keep more cash in your pocket and navigate self-employed income like a pro. 💰

TIP #4: Get Your INFLCR Profile in Shape

Get fit for fall by getting your INFLCR profile in tip-top shape! Here's a thread of must-dos to get started with INFLCR:

✅1. New incoming athletes: log in and set up your profile

✅2. Update your profile picture

✅3. Refresh your bio

✅4. Make sure your socials are linked

✅5. Activate your Stripe account so you can get paid

TIP #5: Take Advantage of This Moment

@bobby_ryaniii has got the inside scoop! If you're rocking that college .edu email, you've got a golden ticket to endless possibilities. Take the plunge – send that dream brand an email now and let your student status do the talking for you! 🚀💼

TIP #6: NIL Lessons Are Lessons For Life

NIL opportunities aren't just about the present – they're lessons for life. @annacamden shares how her NIL journey sharpened her business skills and propelled her forward. 

TIP #7: Organization for the Win 🏅

Stay on top of your game with an organized calendar! Whether it's Accounting 101, hitting the gym, or nailing those NIL content shots, staying organized is the secret sauce to unlocking success at every turn. 🗓️🔑

TIP #8: Get Ready for Your Financial Future

We LOVED seeing student-athletes engaging with Invesco QQQ’s How Not to Suck at Money game at the 2023 INFLCR NIL Summit! The excitement is real, so don't let this opportunity slip by – join the action and play Invesco QQQ’s How Not to Suck at Money RIGHT NOW to ensure you're financially primed this fall.

TIP #9: Embrace Your Unique Skillset 🚀🔥

Your skills on the field can translate to greatness off it. It's all about the work you put in to level up your NIL game. @chaseqb11 says it best: “The same skillset and discipline that it takes to be a great athlete is also what it takes to be a great content creator.” 

TIP #10: Head to the INFLCR App!

Wrapping up our top tips, INFLCR GM Sean Kelly wants to wish all student-athletes good luck this year! Oh, and don't forget to snag your content from the INFLCR app and keep your profile up-to-date.

It’s Your Time to Shine! Get ready to seize the day, student-athletes! Our tips and insights are all lined up to get you fit for fall and beyond. The world is your playing field, and INFLCR is here to be your playbook for success. Take the leap and make this school year your best one yet! 💪

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