December 13, 2023

INFLCR: A Look Back at 2023

Our Biggest Year Yet

2023 was quite the ride for NIL. From some of the biggest NIL deals to proposed guideline changes from the NCAA, there was never a dull moment. At INFLCR, we had our foot on the gas all year, making key product advancements and launching new Exchange partners across the country. Though we’re not slowing down anytime soon, we’re taking a look back at just how far we and our incredible partners like you have come. 

A staggering 140,000 conversations were started in the INFLCR app between entities and student-athletes, leading to $100 million transactions reported via INFLCR. With more than 70,000 athletes taking advantage of Teamworks integrations, the power of integrated tech solutions in collegiate sports has never been more clear. 

Student-athletes didn’t stop there.

In 2023, over 23 million pieces of content was shared with student-athletes allowing them leverage that content for their own personal brand. These stats not only reflect the scale of INFLCR’s impact but also underscore the power of INFLCR and Teamworks, a powerhouse duo in collegiate athletics.

Celebrating You, Our Partners

INFLCR is a leader today because of you, our incredible partners. From the most esteemed institutions all across the country to groundbreaking industry leaders, we’re honored to have the biggest players of NIL in the INFLCR family. This year, your remarkable efforts have enhanced experiences, expanded opportunities, and equipped student-athletes with the finest NIL tools. Here's a glimpse of some standout moments from 2023:

💸 NIL Taxes Roundtable by TurboTax

🚨 The Brandr Group Partners with INFLCR

Shining Stars at the 2023 NIL Summit

📍 Teamworks at NACDA

🔥 Year 2 of NIL by the Numbers

⬆️ The Southland Conference Levels Up with INFLCR

🗓️ UCLA Hosts NIL Networking Event

🤝 The Big Sky Conference Goes All in With INFLCR

🐾 110 Society Collective Launches to Support Clemson Student-Athletes

Creating Opportunities for Student-Athletes

In 2023, INFLCR welcomed a remarkable 46 new Exchange partners bringing the grand total to over 100 INFLCR Exchanges. The investment by these schools not only underscores the widespread recognition and adoption of INFLCR's platform but also signifies a profound commitment to empowering student-athletes in the world of NIL, opening up avenues for student-athletes to make connections and build their personal brands. We’re excited to see the list of Exchanges grow even more in 2024!

Anything Is Possible in 2024

As the NIL landscape continues to evolve, we’re thrilled to be on this journey with esteemed partners who are dedicated to serving student-athletes with the very best NIL technology solutions. If you’re not an INFLCR partner yet, drop us a line. We’d love to share the innovative strides we're making as we gear up for an exciting 2024!

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