September 27, 2023

Spotlight on Travel: It's the Little Things

For elite performing athletes at the top of their game, it’s the little things that can be the difference between winning and losing. For those of you working in operations, it’s often the seemingly small changes to your processes that impact your work 10X.

Our customers rely on Teamworks because Hub, our purpose-built solution for Operations teams, is the best way to help connect, focus, and empower your team. Based on your feedback, we’re rolling out several targeted enhancements to the Travel module that optimize your trip-planning process, making it faster and easier. Read on to learn more about each enhancement and how it benefits you.

Send Assignments Your Way

En route to the hotel and need to send your team their room assignments? Put that laptop away. Now, you can send travel assignments directly from your mobile device. From mobile and desktop, you can now choose to send all travel assignments or just a specific leg, such as their outbound flight information. Learn  more > 

Hub - Send Travel Assignments

Quickly Create Multiple Competitions

Gone are the days of creating competitions one by one thanks to the new Bulk Create Competitions feature. When you get your game schedule for the season and are ready to build out your travel schedules, quickly and easily create competitions, trips, and travel parties in bulk for the entire season. You can then dive into individual trips as needed to build out specific itineraries. Learn more >

Hub - Create Competitions

Major Time Savers

Three seemingly minor updates will save you major time when creating and managing trips.

  • Assign a Form to a Travel Party: You can quickly assign a form, such as a meal order, to all or select members of your travel party directly from the Travel Party page. Learn more > 
  • Easily “Copy From”: A new “Copy From” button on the Hotel, Ground, and Air tabs streamlines your workflow by allowing you to copy from a previous trip or leg easily.  Learn more > 
  • Faster Hotel Entry: When assigning hotel rooms, you can now hit the Enter key to jump to the next room number on the list. Combined with the existing ability to tab through fields, this new functionality expedites the process of entering hotel rooms. Learn more about Managing Hotel Assignments > 

Hub - Hotel Tab

Customize Your Exports

Now, when exporting your travel itinerary, you can choose what events you want to include in the export. This is useful when you want to communicate only relevant events. For example, if you want to post a training room schedule for a trip, you can export a list including only those events that pertain to the training room, leaving out things like meals and transportation. Learn more > 

Keep Things Tidy

Clutter can slow you down or cause confusion. That’s why we’ve made it easier to clean up your travel-related data. Now you have the ability to delete a season, in case you created it as a test or accidentally. You also have the ability to delete a vendor note when needed - maybe it was a timely note about your vendor’s point of contact that’s no longer relevant or a policy note that’s no longer accurate. Both of these features help you keep your virtual workspaces clutter-free.

Learn more> 

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