October 24, 2023

Stop Sending Surveys If You're Not Doing This

Competition for top talent is fierce, and athletes wield more power and influence than ever. 

That’s why professional clubs, collegiate athletic departments, leagues, and national governing bodies invest in digital survey tools to help provide a safe and exceptional athlete experience.

But many of these tools fall short because they don’t…

  • Make it ultra-easy to respond
  • Drive action
  • Close the loop

If you’re sending surveys and not addressing these points, stop. At best, you’re wasting your time, and at worst, you’re eroding valuable trust with players and staff.

The good news for Teamworks customers is that you have a ready-made answer. The integration between Hub, the most widely used solution for sports operations, and Pulse, our anonymous survey software, elegantly and seamlessly solves these challenges. 

Ultra-Easy to Respond

With user profiles shared between Hub and Pulse, you can easily send surveys to select groups, such as coaches, players, staff, and more. And because it shows up in the Hub mobile app as a Task on the home screen, it’s front-and-center and easy to complete — no more random links to third-party sites with a poor mobile experience.

Making it easy for players and staff to provide feedback isn’t limited to experience surveys. Players and staff are empowered to speak up and report concerns anonymously in a timely manner, from a dirty locker room to a serious safety issue or harassment. 

Together, Pulse and Hub make it easy to provide feedback and report concerns while protecting respondents’ identities. Identifying data is stripped from all feedback, so administrators cannot tie responses back to an individual, giving your athletes and players confidence that it’s truly anonymous.

Drive Action

Coaches, staff, and admin don’t have the bandwidth, or likely the desire, to interpret raw survey data. 

Pulse provides real-time, visual results and allows you to filter and sort data and compare results over time easily. You can also dive deeper into individual questions – as a snapshot and over time – to identify trends and uncover valuable insights.

You can quickly mobilize your team by creating dynamic alerts, assigning responsibilities, and escalating issues when necessary to help you take decisive action and triage problems effectively. 

Close the Loop

Closing the loop with your athletes is as important a step as the others but is often overlooked. When done well, this step can fuel future survey success by encouraging more consistent and thoughtful responses.

Hub helps close the feedback loop while maintaining response anonymity by allowing you to communicate easily with your athletes and staff. Message blasts and alerts within the mobile app, or integrations with digital displays throughout your facilities, can help you highlight the changes made due to their feedback.

Start Sending Effective Surveys

Want to learn more about how Hub + Pulse help professional and collegiate sports organizations improve the athlete experience with anonymous surveys? Contact us today. 

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