December 6, 2023

How to Fight App Fatigue & Win in 3 Simple Steps

You’re ready to adopt new technology to help dominate the competition and deliver a superior player experience. But you worry about asking your players to use yet another app. Enter Mobile Front Door - the launch pad into The Operating System for SportsTM.   

Gone are the days of juggling logins and drowning in a sea of usernames. In just three simple steps, you can simplify how your team operates and elevate the player experience.

One // Sync Your Systems with The Operating System for SportsTM

Ditch the fragmented tech ‘solutions’ that are creating chaos amidst your organization, and instead, embrace a unified system like ‘the Google of Sports,’ as Teamworks Co-Founder Mitch Health puts it, saying: 

'Sporting clubs grapple with fragmented tech solutions, leading to data silos, low adoption, security issues, and app fatigue. Teamworks offers a purpose-fit, integrated tech system. ‘We’re the 'Google of Sports,' streamlining specific use apps into one united system, connecting people and data for peak performance.' 

With seamless integrations between purpose-built platforms, administrators not only improve productivity but also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all important information is in one place and easily accessible for athletes. It connects the team and increases athlete engagement. 

Two // Make Life Easier for Players with Mobile Front Door

Eliminate the chaos in a player’s hectic life with Mobile Front Door.  It’s the one place for players to understand where they need to be and what they need to do, all on one screen. An aggregated list of tasks and calendar appointments pulled from the many different areas of a player’s life, Mobile Front Door is one of the foundational integrations of The Operating System for SportsTM and a launching off point to the rest of the ecosystem.

As Kyle Mumma, the creator of Mobile Front Door at Teamworks, says,

‘Athletes know if I just open Teamworks, everything I need to know is going to be right in front of me, and I can just knock it out… it’s a little bit of calm in a hectic life.’ 

Like having a daily run sheet at the ready, it’s the calm amidst the storm that simplifies a player’s day and keeps them focused on their game.

Three // Connect the Team

It’s not just about dominating the game; it’s about transforming how the game is played.

Get everyone on the same page with Teamworks’ Operating System for SportsTM and leverage Mobile Front Door to make your athletes feel more supported - on and off the field.  Evoke team confidence and collaboration with the streamlined communications and operational efficiency that inevitably come from an interconnected system. 

Everybody wins. For administrators, it’s like having the front office in your back pocket, with information easily accessible. For athletes, it’s the convenience of one app that minimizes distractions.

Say goodbye to the thousands of scheduling questions and embrace the simplicity of it’s all on Teamworks

 ‘Just check Teamworks’ will be your most popular refrain. 

Interested in learning how Teamworks can transform your game? Book a demo and see the power of integrations in action.

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