August 31, 2023

How TCU Women’s Soccer Upped Their Game with Whistle

How TCU Women’s Soccer Upped Their Game with Whistle

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen just how competitive the women’s soccer landscape has become. With multiple upsets in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Sydney, Australia, most notably the U.S. team going home in round 16 of play, women’s soccer is on the rise all over the world, with new standout players entering the field each year.

In the U.S., we are seeing an ever-competitive landscape continue to evolve for women's collegiate soccer. The impact of this is top programs have to be agile in their recruiting efforts, eager to adopt new processes and embrace technology to revolutionize their recruiting outputs. 

Under the leadership of Ryan Higginbotham, Associate Head Coach at Texas Christian University (TCU) Women’s Soccer, we’ve seen the impact of embracing a new technology. TCU Women’s Soccer have become masters of innovation, finding new and creative ways to build a winning team and leverage Whistle along the way. They have maximized their use of the platform, finding use cases outside of recruiting communications to uplevel their game on and off the field. Read on to learn how TCU Women’s Soccer has mastered the Whistle platform.

Centralize Recruiting Efforts to Reach Prospective Athletes En Masse

Through Whistle’s advanced messaging integrations, TCU was able to automate and streamline its recruiting communications, reaching prospective athletes with custom images and messages. The ability to pre-plan communications and schedule messages in advance allowed TCU’s recruiting team to be intentional in their recruiting efforts and save them time in the valuable months the recruiting window was open. This elevated their game by ensuring all recruiting messages looked professional, were delivered on time at the right time, and maintained an open line of communication with recruits.

Getting Creative With Whistle

It’s no surprise the TCU Women’s Soccer staff is full of innovators. From media management to coaching, they have built one of the strongest teams in the US, currently ranked in the top ten in the country. So it’s no surprise that TCU has found new and innovative ways to leverage the Whistle platform.

Here are a few of our favorite applications outside of student-athlete recruiting communications:

  • Custom Media Management and Collaboration: with Whistle's robust media library capabilities, the team at TCU has been able to collaborate within the platform. When images or videos are uploaded, all users have the ability to use that media in outgoing communications to recruits, alumni, or high school coaches, ensuring all outgoing messages are professionally aligned with the team's brand.
  • High school Coach Communication: high school coaches play a huge role in assisting their student-athletes in deciding where to go to college and what team to play for. TCU has been able to communicate with high school coaches using Whistle, providing a direct line of communication to the TCU Women’s Soccer coaching staff, ensuring their program stays top of mind for high school coaches advising their athletes.

"Whistle has been a game-changer for us. By centralizing our recruiting efforts through the platform, we've been able to streamline communications with prospective athletes, ensuring timely and professional interactions. Plus, Whistle's versatility extends beyond recruiting enabling us to manage custom media collaboratively and maintain strong connections with high school coaches. It's a complete solution that has elevated our team both on and off the field." - Ryan Higginbotham, Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer at Texas Christian University

Whistle: More Than Football Recruiting

As demonstrated by TCU Women’s Soccer, Whistle is more than a football recruiting platform. No matter the size of your organization, Whistle is here to help you become more efficient in your recruiting efforts and share your team in the best light. Interested in exploring how Whistle can support your team’s recruiting communications and more? Contact us to schedule a demo today.

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