November 8, 2023

Fueling the Bison: NDSU's Journey with Teamworks Elite

[Fargo, North Dakota] – North Dakota State University (NDSU), widely recognized for its exceptional Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) program, proudly announces their elevation to Elite status with Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™. This achievement underscores NDSU's unwavering commitment to bolstering the efficiency and success of its athletic department and student-athletes.

In the words of Todd Phelps, Deputy Director of Athletics, the journey NDSU embarked on to streamline its operations has been significant. "Teamworks has been everything we could have asked for and more since we started with them in January of 2020. The ease and efficiency in our communication and coordination department-wide and with our student-athletes have been second to none. We have since added INFLCR, elevating NDSU to Elite status, which empowers us to support and guide our student-athletes in the dynamic NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) landscape. We are grateful for the support and communication from the Teamworks staff as college athletics continues to evolve."

A Strategic Rollout of Teamworks Products

NDSU strategically adopted Teamworks solutions, commencing with Teamworks Hub, which streamlined their ability to collaborate with student-athletes on and off the field. Subsequently, NDSU leveraged its recruiting and compliance prowess by integrating ARMS  into the Teamworks partnership following the acquisition. The journey to Elite status culminated with the addition of INFLCR and the launch of the NDSU Exchange, a custom NIL marketplace that gives student-athletes a portal to communicate with businesses, collectives, and individuals to engage in NIL deals. 

Phelps enthusiastically expresses, "INFLCR has empowered our student-athletes to harness opportunities with our local businesses and supporters, enabling them to craft and promote their personal brands."

Streamlining Communication and Organization

NDSU's core challenge was to enhance organization and communication for student-athletes, coaches, and department staff. Historically, each athletic program operated within its own system or software, creating communication silos. This hindrance made bringing everything under one roof difficult, which Teamworks effortlessly changed. 

Why Teamworks?

NDSU's preference for Teamworks over other products in the marketplace was attributed to the software's comprehensive features, exceptional customer support, and compelling presentation to coaches and staff. Their experience working with Teamworks staff has been marked as “terrific” based on the impressive response times, proactive assistance, and consultation in making sure each product is customized to their needs. 

Alongside the support Teamworks offers, the impact on NDSU's student-athletes lives has been significant. Phelps observes, "Teamworks has allowed us and our student-athletes to communicate and coordinate in a single step, eliminating the need for a cumbersome 7-step process."

A Bright Bison Future with Teamworks

NDSU's enthusiasm for the future with Teamworks centers on the platform's adaptability and its capacity to integrate with various products to work in tandem with each other to benefit each student-athlete and department within the wider university. 

North Dakota State Athletics Department's journey to becoming a Teamworks Elite partner highlights its commitment to excellence within the athletic department and their student-athlete's lives. The partnership between NDSU and Teamworks signifies a promising and dynamic future for Bison athletics.

Learn more about Teamworks Elite. 

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