September 26, 2023

High Point University's Journey with Teamworks

Every administrator in collegiate athletics agrees that focusing on the student-athlete experience is paramount. High Point University (HPU) recognized this, and their partnership with Teamworks reflects their commitment to improving the student-athlete experience and providing technology to their staff to be the best at their job.

Starting with ARMS: A Compliance Game-Changer

HPU’s journey with Teamworks began with ARMS, a compliance tool that revolutionized its internal processes. Like many others, the Compliance team at HPU needed a way to enhance productivity and maintain excellence in their operations. ARMS provided the solution, setting a new standard of excellence for managing compliance.

The Sequential Introduction of Teamworks Products

HPU's approach to implementing Teamworks products was strategic. They started with ARMS to bolster compliance efforts. Then, they added INFLCR to support their navigation of NIL regulations, including launching the On Point Exchange - a centralized hub for all NIL activities for their student-athletes. Smartabase followed closely, addressing CRM issues they were experiencing with their performance data across all athletic teams. Finally, Hub has added and quickly emerged as the glue to unite coaches, staff, and athletes in creating a cohesive ecosystem throughout the entire athletic department.

The Synergy of Teamworks Hub

It wasn't until HPU onboarded Teamworks Hub that they realized the true potential of these products working in harmony. Teamworks Hub added a layer of communication and organization that would be a game-changer for staff and student-athletes.

“We could not be more excited about the expanded partnership with Teamworks and High Point University.  Smartabase and Hub are crucial additions to the athletic department that will allow for transformational change for our coaches, staff, and student-athletes.  We want to provide our student-athletes with the best collegiate experience possible and Teamworks Hub helps streamline all communication and scheduling for our student-athletes.  This extraordinary partnership between HPU and Teamworks will continue to strengthen the athletic department’s commitment to enhancing the student-athlete experience.” -Drew Sanchez, Deputy Athletic Director

Teamworks Hub turned a frustrating situation into an elevated student-athlete experience. It streamlined the process of scheduling meetings and efficient conversations, ensuring that crucial information reached student-athletes promptly.

Working with Teamworks Staff

Customer service holds a significant place in Teamworks' core values, and this commitment shines through in their interactions. In early September, members of the Teamworks Customer Success team visited HPU's campus, forging valuable connections with key members of the HPU team. The objective was clear: to empower the HPU team with the knowledge and confidence needed to make the most of Teamworks products. Beyond the productive sessions, they also had a little fun on a campus and facilities tour!

“The onboarding of a collegiate athletic department is so complex. They average 20+ teams, plus administration, compliance, sports medicine, performance, academics, and more. It’s a challenge we take pride in overcoming because helping to get departments off to an amazing start on HUB is the key to their success.” - Mike Kinder, Teamworks Customer Engagement Manager (pictured below)

The Future Looks Promising

What excites HPU the most about Teamworks? It's the communication and travel features within Hub. These features will provide student-athletes with a one-stop destination for information from athletic trainers, strength coaches, sports coaches, and administrators. It's about bringing the entire department onto the same page, ensuring everyone has the necessary information about programs and individual student-athletes.

Impact on the Student-Athlete Experience

One doesn't need to look far for evidence of the positive impact of Teamworks at HPU. Before Teamworks, some student-athletes faced challenges with communication and changes in practice schedules and events. Teamworks Hub transformed this by facilitating easy communication between coaches and student-athletes. It streamlined the process of scheduling meetings and delivering timely information. Hub has undoubtedly improved the student-athlete experience at HPU.

High Point University's journey with Teamworks is a testament to the power of technology in enhancing the student-athlete experience. It's a story of digital transformation, strategic implementation, enthusiastic endorsement, and exceptional customer service. With Teamworks, HPU has solved its initial challenge of improving compliance and created a unified ecosystem where communication and efficiency thrive, benefiting the student-athletes at the heart of it all.

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