September 8, 2023

Connecting on the Greens: Teamworks Annual Golf Day

When the sun shines on a pristine golf course, you know it's going to be a memorable day. Such was the case at our 2nd Annual Teamworks Golf Day, where we brought together partners, colleagues from the sporting community and Teamworks team members from all over the world to enjoy a day on the prestigious Grove greens in London. The event was a testament to the power of connections and partnerships, all wrapped up in a fantastic day of golf and camaraderie.

A Journey Worth Celebrating

This year marks the second consecutive year hosting this event, and it wouldn't have been possible without our incredible partners. Teamworks has come a long way since it first set foot in the UK, serving athletes and organizations across football, rugby, cricket, and many other sports.

‘In 2018, we made a strategic commitment to focus on the UK market,’ said Teamworks Co-Founder Mitch Heath. ‘Early partners like Arsenal and Chelsea played a pivotal role in helping us understand the unique needs of the UK sporting landscape, particularly the Premier League.’  

Today, Teamworks’ presence has grown significantly with a dedicated team spanning London, Manchester, and the greater UK, as well as an extended team across Europe. We're proud to work with over half of the Premier League teams and have deepened our roots in rugby.

A Warm Welcome 

Sunshine and a Warm Welcome from Corey Richardson

Partners from varied professional teams all over the UK and Europe arrived to a warm welcome at The Grove - the sun was shining, the greens were picture-perfect, and the brunch was delicious. Senior Vice President of Sales, Corey Richardson and Mitch greeted everyone with a welcome speech that resonated with the spirit of Teamworks - connecting people. 

‘We are grateful for the generosity of the UK sporting community. From day one, they have welcomed us with open arms, aligning with our vision of serving elite athletes. The relationships we've built, the connections we've forged – they're the cornerstone of our success in this region,’ said Corey.

A Day on the Greens

With spirits high and bellies full, everyone hit the course. And while a few too many swings may have been had, the resounding sentiment was one of gratitude. Guests reconvened at the Clubhouse for celebratory drinks and awards. Because everyone wins with Teamworks.

Recognizing Excellence

For the first year, Teamworks recognizes a partner who not only demonstrates exceptional usage of the products but consistently offers valuable feedback and innovative ideas aimed at continuous improvement.  

This year, Teamworks’ Senior Vice President of Customer Success Faryn Roy granted the Brand Ambassador Trophy to Alex Carroll from Queens Park Rangers, acknowledging Alex for “consistently playing a pivotal role in our ongoing efforts to enhance and refine our product,” saying, “We highly value a collaborative partnership approach, and thank you for all of your helpful suggestions." 

The Grove gang and Brand Ambassador Winner Alex Carroll, Queens Park Rangers

Alex Carroll was very appreciative of the recognition, saying "It was an honor to receive the first Teamworks Brand Ambassador Award at The Grove. I am personally grateful to the brilliant staff at Teamworks who have enabled us to drive efficiencies across our Academy, supporting our people to spend time on what they do best."

An Evening to Connect 

The day didn't end with the trophy presentations. Everyone stayed for dinner and drinks at The Grove's beautiful outdoor venue. It was a chance to unwind, swap stories from the course, and solidify the connections made earlier in the day.

Join Us for the Next Adventure

"Working with partners around the world is the highlight of what we do, and days like this reaffirm that. Our Golf Day is more than just a golf tournament; it’s  a celebration of connections, partnerships, and the shared love of the game. We can't wait to see what the future holds with our global partners and are excited to continue this journey of digital transformation together,” recapped Mitch.

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