September 25, 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Football

When the referee blows the whistle and the game begins, the football pitch becomes a stage for the players. They are the heroes whose every move is followed by millions of fans around the world. But behind this dazzling spectacle lies a vast network of professionals working tirelessly across various sectors of the football industry, ensuring that the beautiful game continues to evolve. The World Football Summit Awards, held in the picturesque city of Sevilla, Spain, on September 20, is where these unsung heroes and organizations are recognized and celebrated.

Each year, the World Football Summit receives over 300 applications from individuals and entities striving to make the football industry more professional, profitable, and sustainable. Out of this impressive pool of candidates, only 11 outstanding organizations are chosen for recognition. This year, among the elite few, Teamworks was awarded Best Supplier.

We are honored, and humbled.

‘This award represents more than just being a supplier; it symbolizes our commitment to being advisors, mentors, and a crucial support system for the football industry. We are dedicated to raising awareness about how technology can fundamentally transform organizations, enhancing team efficiency and productivity while fostering collaboration and interconnectivity.’ 
-Mitch Heath, Teamworks Co-Founder

Our recognition by an illustrious panel of industry leaders, including Preeti Shetty, CEO of Upshot and Director at Brentford Football Club; Franco Segarra, Co-Founder of Valencia CF Innovation Hub; and Lalo Garcia Torres, Founder of HubIN and CeltaLab1923, is truly an honor. It reaffirms our dedication to providing top-tier products and services that help shape the future of football.

The Winners of the World Football Summit Awards 2023

Standing alongside other leaders in the industry, such as Ferran Soriano of City Football Group, who was named Best Executive, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Stadium, recognized as the Best Venue, is humbling. These awards celebrate the diverse facets of the football industry, from high-level management to world-class facilities, all contributing to its growth and excellence.

Argentina Men's National Team President, Claudio Tapia, receiving the Football Impact Award

One of the most remarkable moments of the event was the presentation of the first-ever WFS Lifetime Achievement Award to Fatma Samoura. Before her historic appointment as FIFA's first-ever African and female Secretary General, Samoura devoted 21 years to United Nations projects. Her remarkable journey exemplifies the progress being made toward gender equality in football leadership roles and underscores the sport's power as a catalyst for positive change.

Fatma Samoura, FIFA's first-ever African and female Secretary General.

In a time marked by rapid technological advancements and a growing focus on gender equality, the sports industry is experiencing a transformation like never before. Teamworks is proud to be a part of this journey. As we continue to work with organizations that embrace technology and embark on their own digital transformation journeys, we are excited about the future of football.

As we reflect on this incredible recognition, we would like to extend our gratitude to the World Football Summit for inviting us to this remarkable event. We also want to thank Sports Tech X and the esteemed panel for this prestigious award. 

In the words of Teamworks Senior Leaders Irina Juchimiuk Jaworski, Global Marketing Manager and Robin Coackley, VP Sales EMEA, "It's great to be recognized with this honor, as we take great pride in doing the work we do to help organizations transform the way they operate. We look forward to continuing our work with all of you, as together, we revolutionize the football industry and change the future of the sport."

With 900+ organizations, 6000+ teams, and nearly 1 million players using Teamworks on a daily basis, we help organizations leverage technology to focus on what they do best so they can perform at their peak. 

If you’re seeking a technology provider to help elevate your game, connect with us today. Together, we'll shape the future of football for the better.

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