February 2, 2024

ARMS & Hub: New Integrations to Kick-off 2024

Our development team is out of the gates fast in 2024, releasing three exciting new integrations for ARMS & Hub customers that improve the user experience and save time. 

App Switcher

ARMS was an early adopter of Teamworks Nav, which introduced a consistent user experience across products on the Operating System for Sports™. The App Switcher represents the next evolution of our seamless user experience and enables customers of Hub and ARMS to move between the purpose-built products easily. 

Teamworks App Switcher

Promote Recruit & Create in Hub

Quickly create a student-athlete in ARMS and Hub in one simple step! When you promote a recruit to a student-athlete in ARMS, you can choose to create a student-athlete in Hub at the same time and avoid duplicate data entry.

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ARMS Promote Recruit in Hub

ARMS CARA Logs in Teamworks App

ARMS CARA Logs needing student-athlete approval now populate as a task in the Teamworks mobile app where student-athletes can quickly and easily review and certify events.

ARMS CARA Logs in Teamworks Hub

with Teamworks

A simple but handy integration: Hub and ARMS customers only need to remember one login to access either product.

with Teamworks

Combined with Hub-ARMS Tasks (released Fall ‘23), the above integrations further unify the two power-house solutions that athletic departments rely on to connect their teams. And we’re just getting started – more ARMS-Hub integrations are on their way. So stay tuned! 

Learn More About the Operating System for Sports™

Teamworks Operating System for Sports™ is home to best-in-class products for each stage of the athlete lifecycle. It’s ONE complete solution that connects, focuses, and empowers support staff and athletes to drive team performance. Contact us to learn more. 

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