January 26, 2024

3 Things We Love About TRAC

On January 4, 2024, we announced the acquisition of FR TRAC, adding another best-in-class tech tool to the ever-growing Operating System for Sports.TM  This strategic move not only adds a new player, TRAC, to our starting lineup, but it also expands our pool of expertise, introducing an engineer and entrepreneur, a former collegiate athlete and Director of Football Operations (DFO), and an equipment management specialist. Here's an insider's look into what makes TRAC an invaluable part of Teamworks.

//  3 Things We Love About TRAC //

1. TRAC Supports the Hardest Working People in Athletics

Behind every successful sports team are the unsung heroes operating behind the scenes - in this case, the equipment managers. FR TRAC Founder and VP of Operations Jason Gutcher recognized the dedication of the equipment managers and created a software solution to support them:

"They're working endless hours to support their teams, and now they have someone like our company supporting them."

Jason is not a stranger to hard work. After growing up on a farm in Canada and navigating his way into the tech industry, he created a solution to help the ‘hardest working people in sport.’ Founded almost two decades ago as ACS Athletics, FR TRAC has redefined inventory management in locker rooms nationwide. Coupled with cutting-edge technology and sometimes simple yet critical 'Lock your equipment doors' advice, FR TRAC has become a trusted partner for universities, saving millions in runaway inventory costs. Today, the team continues to focus on solutions that simplify athletic professionals' lives, with a keen eye on eliminating data entry hurdles for seamless operation.

2. TRAC is the Pinnacle of Inventory Management

Curious about what sets TRAC apart? According to Marc Davis, a former collegiate football athlete turned DFO and now Teamworks Account Executive, it's "the most flexible and innovative athletic equipment inventory system out there." Marc highlights TRAC’s ability to seamlessly combine tools like order automation and data integration from vendors to close the gap and provide transparency across the board:

3. Partners are in Safe Hands with Continuous Innovation

The TRAC team values continuous innovation. According to Jason, 

‘It doesn't matter how hard you work if your technology is not also moving forward. And just like in sports… you can be a zero one day and a GOAT the next day. Technology is no different. So you have to constantly keep innovating,’ 

TRAC's commitment to innovation lies in data automation and integration to make it easier to track and manage inventory from order to issue.

Brian Ditmer, a longtime Customer Service Manager at FR TRAC with over 13 seasons of Equipment Management experience, highlights the personalized approach the team takes in understanding partners' needs. Having walked in their shoes and knowing how to translate the processes and the things that they have to do every day in the TRAC software, Brian tailors solutions to individual equipment rooms, helping to close communication gaps and enhance compliance. The goal, he says, is to make the lives of equipment managers easier, ultimately saving them valuable time:

In just a week with Teamworks, the TRAC team has already made a splash, showcasing TRAC to Teamworks partners at AFCA and jumping all in on Teamworks’ commitment to supporting sports organizations around the world. That’s another thing we love about the TRAC crew. Welcome to the team Jason, Marc, and Brian! 

Interested in learning more about how TRAC can support your inventory management? Get in touch today.

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