December 19, 2023

2023: A Year of Connection

Reflecting on the year that was, 2023 is a testament to the countless moments of connection that have defined our journey. 

It's about more than numbers on a page or stats on a scoresheet. It’s a celebration of the relationships created within the realm of sports, the camaraderie amongst people, the synergy with partners, the seamless integration of our products, and the unifying force of The Operating System for SportsTM that brings us all together.

We are grateful to our athletes, partners, and team members whose unwavering dedication made these moments truly meaningful. These connections transcend the realm of technology, encapsulating something deeper and more profound.

Here’s to 2023: A Year of Connection.

2023 was all about connection.

We witnessed our technology enable a greater connection amongst the people, partners, and programs we work with.

As we wrap up 2023, we’re celebrating the infinite moments of connection.

Here’s to connecting with…

The sports you love 

The people you love 

The people you love to work with 

The products that make your life easier 

And the systems that help bring us all together

We all connect in different ways

We're here to support all moments of connection.

Connect with us in 2024.

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