What is ARMS Software?

We recently acquired ARMS Software, a leading technology platform for elite sports organizations, and the one-stop-shop to recruit talent, manage compliance, automate operations, and streamline camp business.  ARMS provides all the tools to help elite sports organizations streamline the recruiting process, create operational efficiency, and mitigate the risk of costly compliance violations.

How does this impact my current 2023 Teamworks Hub and/or ARMS contract?

Your current contract(s) will not change in any way. Additionally, the current products you have access to will remain unchanged at this time.

If I am a current Teamworks Hub customer, do I now get access to ARMS?

If you are a current Teamworks Hub customer that does not already have ARMS, ARMS is not automatically included in your agreement. Current Teamworks Hub and Elite customers can reach out to their Teamworks Customer Success Manager to discuss preferred pricing.

Will ARMS integrate with Teamworks Hub?

Though Teamworks Hub and ARMS do not integrate today, our teams are hard at work on a long-term plan to integrate the two platforms. In the short term for Fall 2023, dual customers will be able to sign in with Teamworks to the ARMS platform, to help eliminate another username and password. In the long term, we will continue to evaluate where it will serve our customers best to have Hub and ARMS integrated.

With this acquisition, will I lose any of my existing functionality in Teamworks Hub and/or ARMS?

We don’t plan to make any changes to feature functionality in either platform in the near future. Our teams are completing due diligence to determine the long-term roadmaps and overlapping functionality between Teamworks Hub and ARMS.

How do you plan to handle the overlapping functionality between Teamworks Hub and ARMS?

We recognize there is product overlap between Teamworks Hub and ARMS, and our respective customers are using different functionality in one platform or another. For now, we don’t plan to make any changes to that, and duplicative functionality will exist across the two platforms. Our collective teams are working on the longer-term vision to consolidate the user experience within the expanded Teamworks ecosystem.

Who is my main point of contact if I currently have both products?

Your Teamworks CSM will still be your main point of contact for overall account questions across all products at your institution, which now also includes ARMS. Your ARMS Account Manager will still remain your specialized product expert for the ARMS product line and will work closely with your Teamworks CSM to ensure you continue to have great customer service across both platforms.

Will I now receive a combined contract if I use Teamworks and ARMS?

Your current contracts and invoices will remain as-is, but if you are interested in consolidating your ARMS subscription under one contract with your other Teamworks product subscriptions, please reach out to your Teamworks CSM.

Is ARMS Software a human performance tool?

ARMS Software is a recruiting, compliance and process automation platform. ARMS Software is not the same company as ARMS by EDGE10 Group. Smartabase is the premier human performance platform within the Teamworks operating system.

How can I learn more about ARMS?

Visit to learn more about ARMS. If you are interested in seeing a product demonstration of ARMS, please reach out to your Teamworks CSM to set-up a discussion.

See ARMS in action

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