January 24th, 2019

Developed in conjunction with a consortium of leading academic institutions around the United States, Teamworks recently announced the development of Teamworks Academics, a new module aimed at enhancing the academic success of all student-athletes. To help raise awareness of the solution, as well as the benefits of objective-based learning, Teamworks launched a series of educational webinars featuring an interactive Q&A session following each presentation. This post reflects some of the questions we received following the Tutor Monitoring & Management Webinar.

Want to learn more about Teamworks Academics overall? Check out our FAQ covering what it is and what it can do for you.


What are the current challenges related to tutoring that have been voiced by the Teamworks Academics Advisory Board and other schools and how will Teamworks Academics resolve them?

  1. Ensuring everyone is on the same page for scheduling: Scheduling tutor appointments is a time consuming, tedious and inefficient process. An academic advisor might book a student-athlete at a time that they’re already busy with training or travel because they can’t see the student-athlete’s complete schedule. This leads to a no-show for the tutor appointment, costing schools anywhere from $5,000-40,000 per year.

    Teamworks Academics gets everything on one calendar for efficient booking. With the other core Teamworks modules, including travel, it’s easy to get a full view of the student-athlete’s commitments and find the best time to schedule appointments.

  2. Managing tutors effectively: With different platforms for everything connected to tutors (attendance, reports, subject expertise, etc.), academic advisors either waste time piecing together the information from different papers, files and software, or miss opportunities they can’t see.

    Teamworks Academics provides a centralized location for all information related to tutors so it’s easy to keep track of progress and identify any potential issues.

How does Teamworks Academics tutoring module help reduce stress and empower student-athletes?

The overall goals of Teamworks Academics are to give student-athletes time back in their day and more autonomy over their schedules. The tutoring module helps achieve this by decreasing the potential for student-athletes to be double booked and have to choose between athletics and academics.

In addition, academic advisors can allow student-athletes to schedule their own tutoring sessions. Once the tutors or tutor coordinators have entered their availability, student-athletes with the ability to schedule are able to check the calendar and make the best match by schedule, time and location.

How will attendance and check-in process be utilized for tutoring?

The technology being built for attendance and check-ins is being designed to be flexible to solve multiple problems within academics. Check-ins can be used for student-athletes and tutors – turn on the module and they will receive an alert to check in to the appointment. Academic advisors will be notified of the time and location.  Since the system is linked through Teamworks to the entire athletic department, the tutors’ check-ins can automatically sync with the business office to track hours worked.

Who will be able to create, change or cancel tutor appointments – student-athletes, tutors or tutor coordinators?

The Academics super user has the ability to set permissions specific to each person to control who is able to create, change or cancel tutor appointments. You can also set limits so the appointment must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance.

What will the calendar look like? Will it show student-athlete and tutor availability, and all tutor appointments?

There will be an overlay feature to be able to view all availability for a tutor and student-athlete. There will also be filtering features to be able to view tutor appointments by day or week.

What information is in the tutor profile?

Beyond basic contact information and their schedule, tutors can enter courses, subjects or general areas of focus. They can also set a maximum number of hours per week.

Can I assign tutors by specific courses?

Yes, you can note in the tutor profile if they specialize in specific courses or subjects.

What information is accessible by the tutors?

Super users can set permissions for what they are able to access. For example, you can specify if they are able to see tutor reports from other appointments for a student-athlete they are working with.

How are tutor reports assigned to tutors?

Reports are assigned as tasks to the tutors. You can set reminders and also set notifications if they are not completed by the due date.

How can I view tutor reports?

Individual tutor reports can be viewed in the student-athlete’s profile. You can also run a report to see all of the student-athlete’s tutor reports and export it as a CSV or PDF.

How do I get Teamworks Academics for my school?

Schools that have department-wide partnerships with Teamworks will be able to purchase Teamworks Academics. For more information, reach out to your Customer Success Team or set up a demo.

When will Teamworks Academics be available?

Teamworks Academics is launching Summer 2019.