November 29th, 2018

Developed in conjunction with a consortium of leading academic institutions around the United States, Teamworks recently announced the development of Teamworks Academics, a new module aimed at enhancing the academic success of all student-athletes. To help raise awareness of the solution, as well as the benefits of objective-based learning, Teamworks launched a series of educational webinars featuring an interactive Q&A session following each presentation. This post reflects some of the questions we received.

Click here for more information regarding Teamworks Academics or here to register for our December 12th webinar.


What is Teamworks Academics?

Teamworks Academics is an add-on to the core Teamworks platform aimed at helping every student-athlete achieve more in the classroom and beyond. Designed to support objective-based learning models and the unique benefits this model delivers, Teamworks Academics provides student-athletes with increased autonomy over their academic success. Athletic departments and academic advisors will have a more impactful and individualized way to organize, monitor and motivate student-athletes to improve their academic performance.

What are the key features?

Teamworks Academics will provide you with the tools to excel in:

How can I use Teamworks Academics for objective-based learning?

Teamworks Academics will streamline the development and execution of objective-based learning plans. With your student-athlete, you can develop individualized plans that are clearly outlined and measured. With everything in one place, you can easily identify and address potential issues before they arise.

How will Teamworks Academics integrate with my learning management system (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.)?

Teamworks will sync with your existing learning management system to automatically pull syllabi, assignments and key dates for each student-athlete, saving you valuable time. It’s easy to see the source for items on the student-athlete’s plan (through the LMS or the individual who added) and manual changes can be made as needed throughout the year.

Will data be secure on Teamworks Academics?

Yes. Teamworks Academics will have the same military-grade security as Teamworks to protect valuable data and meet privacy standards.

How will student-athletes use Teamworks Academics?

Student-athletes will be able to work with their advisor to build an academic success plan that is personalized for their unique learning objectives. Depending on the permissions you set, student-athletes can create plans and schedule tutoring sessions on their own, or with the support of their academic advisor.

How will Teamworks Academics build student-athlete accountability?

You can empower student-athletes to create personal learning plans to drive their academic success. With a clear plan and benchmarks, you can reduce their stress and give them more control.

What will tutor management look like on Teamworks Academics?

With profiles and calendars all in one place, you will be able to more effectively match tutors and student-athletes based on subject, schedule and need. By scheduling with the most up-to-date information, you will reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, reducing costs.

How will Teamworks Academics save time for advisors?

By integrating with the learning management platform, countless tasks will be automated. In addition, you will be able to create tasks and review all student-athlete check-ins, tutor reports, grades, and learning management plans from a single dashboard. Forms and reports are easily created and customized for student-athletes, teams or tutors.

What customization options are there for the advisor dashboard?

You can apply filters to see only the information you need, by setting it to view student-athletes by sport, class year or major, and customizing the fields of information you view.

What will academics staff members be able to view and edit?

You can set permissions for who can see what and what actions they are able to take. For example, if you have staff who only work with certain sports, you can limit it so they only see those student-athletes. You can also limit who can see personal data or GPAs to those who need the information.

How do check-ins work?

Departments will have manual and automated check-in options available for classes and study halls. You can receive notifications when student-athletes check in and out of study hall and create reports on attendance.

How is Teamworks Academics being designed?

Teamworks Academics is being designed in conjunction with feedback from more than 30 universities, including an Advisory Board of key veterans who support the academic achievement for intercollegiate athletics. The Board provides ongoing recommendations and industry best practices to be incorporated into the development of Teamworks Academics. For more information on the design process, check out “How Teamworks Academics Went from Idea to Reality.”

How do I get Teamworks Academics for my school?

Schools that have department-wide partnerships with Teamworks will be able to purchase Teamworks Academics. For more information, reach out to your Customer Success Team or set up a demo.

When will Teamworks Academics be available?

Teamworks Academics is launching Summer 2019.