New Teamworks Report: State of Academics in College Athletics

Academics staff play a unique role in college athletics. Supporting student-athletes in the classroom has similarities to coaching them on the field of play but also some stark contrasts.

For as important of a role as academics support plays in athletics, there isn’t necessarily a clear understanding of the industry. To get this clarity, Teamworks conducted a survey of academics staff ranging from Student-Athlete Service Coordinators to Faculty Athletic Representatives to get an unfiltered look at the State of Academics in College Athletics.  


Here are some of the key findings from the survey.

Strong Connection with Student-Athletes

They’re at the center of what academics staff do – and, fortunately, a vast majority of respondents feel connected with student-athletes.

“…we can have a greater impact as we continue to focus more on helping students improve academically/cognitively and leave with stronger skills as opposed to having the mindset that we’re here to keep them eligible.”
– Survey Respondent

Tutor Troubles

From recruiting and hiring tutors to effectively matching student-athletes with tutors based on needs, there are a number of challenges faced in tutor management. Respondents listed an average of more than five challenges they face along the way.

One-on-One Limitations

Academics staff recognize the importance and value of working individually with student-athletes, but budget and bandwidth are barriers to being able to take the time with student-athletes to help them excel.

“Those of us that work in the field of academics, have a responsibility to understand our student-athletes at a deeper level in order to maximize their potential and create a well-rounded experience.”
– Survey Respondent

Times Are Changing

Leveraging technology in their roles is changing how respondents do their job. On average, respondents are using two or more technologies in their roles.