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Our performance nutrition team at Northwestern has been utilizing Notemeal with our athletes for the past two years. My favorite experience with Notemeal was sitting down with one of our defensive lineman to help him build his own nutrition plan. When he designed a plan that met his goals, he won!

Katie Knappenberger MS, RD, CSSD, ATCNorthwestern University - Director of Performance Nutrition

We have utilized Notemeal for contactless food ordering which allowed us to keep an extensive variety of food options and increase efficiency with meals at home and on the road. Utilizing Notemeal better prepared us making fueling athletes through a pandemic safer and easier without sacrificing choice or time.

Paige CrawfordNFL - Team Dietitian

The Notemeal Performance Nutrition Platform has been an awesome addition to our team. It’s allowed me to better individualize nutrition recommendations for athletes, coaches, and staff. The app is simple, easy to use, and has been such an incredible tool to help get buy-in from my athletes to learn and take ownership over their nutrition plan.

Kirsten GregurichIndianapolis Colts - Team Dietitian

Notemeal is elevating the impact and presence dietitians have in sport/performance. I can reach more clients and consistently interact with them, no matter where they are in the world. The instantaneous data and convenient interfacing with our Food Service teams and menus leapt our program forward immediately.

Christi Logan, RDUSASOC - Tactical Performance Dietitian

Notemeal has been an amazing help. It has truly transformed our food service experience for the better by making our grab and go system as efficient as possible. As a chef, it’s done wonders for creating menus and keeping recipes since it keeps track of what we’ve done in the past and see what has been popular.

April CamachoMadison Square Garden Sports - Executive Chef


SportS PerFormance


Building a meal plan should take minutes, not hours.

  • Meal planning feature-set designed specifically for the performance dietitian
  • Reach and educate more athletes
  • Save time and provide more meaningful content


No more paper meal plans in the trash.

  • Share interactive plans and objectives via email, text or push notification
  • Monitor athlete engagement in-app
  • Allow them to actively participate in their nutrition plan


Facilitate mobile app meal ordering in any situation.

  • Meal ordering for in-house team dining, catered meals, team plane travel, hotel meals, and more
  • Allow athletes to order next week’s fueling station items for pick-up in advance
  • Process orders from any device connected to the internet
  • Complete orders digitally on-the-go via web or mobile


Analyze trends in athletes and across teams, meal plans, and more.

  • Import data from Hologic, InBody, DXA or BodPod via integration or Notemeal support
  • Analyze body comp trends for athletes and teams
  • Analyze macro and micronutrients across recipes, meal plans and logs
  • Quickly answer questions and make decisions through easily accessible data


Empower athletes to win nutritionally.

  • Enable athletes to order directly from their meal plan
  • Educate the team while they are building cooked-to-order meals
  • Visually meet goals as macronutrient dials fill up
  • Auto-convert athlete meal orders into food logs and enable nutrient analysis for the whole team


Maximize food consumption, minimize spend.

  • Analyze how much of each ingredient will be needed based off current and previous order volume for each meal
  • Prepare more of what gets eaten, and less of what doesn’t
  • Leverage push notifications to increase order compliance and avoid excess food prep

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Indianapolis Colts

Los Angeles Rams

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