Retain FAQ

What is Retain?

Retain is an academics and athlete development platform used by collegiate athletic departments to track and engage student-athletes activities. The technology provides a centralized solution for advising and tutorial workflows while streamlining scheduling and communications between student-athletes, faculty, and athletic department staff.

The Retain product suite also offers a student-athlete development platform - Omnia - an optional Academics add on.

How does this impact our current 2023 subscription?

There will not be an immediate impact to your subscription. Customers will have the option to move to Retain for Fall 2023, but will not need to migrate from Teamworks Academics to Retain until the Fall of 2024. 

What will the transition process look like to transition from Teamworks Academics to Retain?

The Customer Success and Product Success teams will be working with each customer to provide further information on the transition process. Register for a webinar on January 24th to get more information prior to individual sessions with your CSM.

If I’m a current Teamworks Academics Customer, do I need to rebuild my Academics API?

Customers will not need to rebuild their API. The Retain API is more robust than the Teamworks API, so if customers want more information pulled over from their registrar, they can switch over to Retain’s API.

Who is my point of contact now if I have questions about one of the products in the Retain product suite?

Existing Retain customers can continue to reach out your Retain point of contact. Existing Teamworks customers can reach out to dedicated Teamworks CSM to learn more about the Retain product suite.

I’m already a Teamworks customer, will I be offered a special rate?

If you are a current Teamworks Academics customer, or Teamworks Elite customer that has Teamworks Academics included in your agreement, there is no added cost to switch over to Retain. For Teamworks Hub customers who do not yet have Academics as part of your agreement, please reach out to your dedicated Teamworks CSM to discuss preferred pricing.

Will Retain Integrate with Teamworks?

By Fall 2023, Teamworks and Retain will have several core integrations built to help create an efficient experience working between the two platforms. Below lays out the integrations currently underway:
- Appointments and Calendar Sync
- Log in with Teamworks
- Profile Sync
- Message Blasts

How can I learn more about Retain?

Visit to learn more about Retain, or you can register for one of our upcoming webinars:
January 20: Level Up your Academics Game w/ Retain - REGISTER HERE
January 24: Retain Product Deep Dive - REGISTER HERE

See Retain in action

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