Pulse FAQ

How does this acquisition impact our current 2023 subscription?

Nothing changes. For customers with a contract that extends beyond this season, we will honor the contracted rate. For customers with a contract that will expire at the end of this year, we will reach out soon to discuss renewal options.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a stand-alone product that is part of the Retain product suite and used for anonymous reporting and experience surveys. This can be used for Anonymous Forms, Exit Surveys, Coach/Support Staff Ratings & Reviews.

Is Pulse available for all customers?

Yes, Pulse is available to purchase for all customers - Collegiate, North American Professional Sports Teams, and Global Customers.

I’m already a Teamworks customer, will I be offered a special rate?

We place high value in our existing customer relationships. As such, existing Teamworks Hub and Teamworks Elite customers will receive preferred pricing when adding Pulse to their existing Teamworks contract.

Who do I contact for support?

For questions related to the Pulse product, you’ll be supported by the broader Teamworks Customer Success team, with access to a larger support team that will be available to address your questions in a timely manner, 365 days a year.

Will Pulse integrate with Teamworks?

There are four baseline integrations that we are working on between Hub and every other product in the Teamworks product suite, including Pulse.
- Sign in with Teamworks: Enable users to sign in to other apps with Teamworks credentials.
- App Launcher:
Enable users to automatically launch into other apps from Teamworks (without having to sign in again)
- Roster Management:
Provide admins with the ability to manage user access across integrated products from a centralized portal
- Profile Sync
: Keep profile information up-to-date across apps by pushing profile data from Teamworks to other apps (one-way sync)

How can I learn more about Pulse?

Refer to Teamworks.com/pulse to learn more or connect with your Teamworks Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more information.

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